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Federal Court and Gov't Agency E-Discovery Rules & Guidelines

With the increased importance of e-discovery in litigation and investigations, many federal district courts and government agencies have enacted specific rules, forms, or other guidance addressing the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) and governing the conduct of practitioners as it relates to ESI. We have compiled a collection of websites for rules, forms, and guidelines -- from both federal courts and government agencies -- by jurisdiction and/or agency. Practitioners should check the official court or agency website to ensure they have the most current and correct rules, forms, standing orders or other guidance (whether from a court, specific judge, or agency) rather than simply rely on the links provided here. Please also consider that individual judges or agencies may have enacted their own specific or preferred protocols relating to e-discovery.

Federal District Courts

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Alabama - Middle District*


Arkansas - Eastern and Western Districts

California - Northern District




Florida - Middle District

Florida - Southern District

Georgia - Northern District

Georgia - Southern District

Indiana - Northern District

Indiana - Southern District

Iowa - Northern and Southern Districts





Mississippi - Northern and Southern Districts

Missouri - Eastern District


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York - Eastern and Southern District

New York - Northern District

New York - Southern District

New York - Western District

North Carolina - Western District*

Ohio - Northern District

Ohio - Southern District

Oklahoma - Northern District

Oklahoma - Western District

Pennsylvania - Eastern District*

Pennsylvania - Middle District*

Pennsylvania - Western District*

Puerto Rico

Tennessee - Middle District

Tennessee - Western District

Texas - Eastern District

Texas - Northern District

Texas - Southern District



Washington - Western District

West Virginia - Southern District

Wisconsin - Eastern District



Circuit Courts

7th Circuit

Federal Circuit


DOJ and Other Government Agencies

DOJ/FPD Criminal ESI Protocol


IRS ESI Guidelines


Bankruptcy Courts

US Bankruptcy Court, District of Maryland

US Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware

US Bankruptcy Court, District of Hawaii

US Bankruptcy Court, District Utah

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Pennsylvania