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U.S. Enforces Anti-Boycotting Laws

November 2011 — WorldECR

Washington, D.C.-based International Trade Group associate, David “DJ” Wolff, speaks to World Export Controls Review (WorldECR)about the recent slew of anti-boycott settlements announced by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)  for alleged anti-boycotting law violations. U.S. anti-boycott laws prohibit U.S. persons from acting with intent to comply with or support unsanctioned foreign boycotts. In the vast majority of cases, this means the boycott against Israel by the Arab League or other countries.

According to Wolff, “While larger companies fielding sophisticated compliance teams are on top of U.S. laws, dangers lurk for those smaller companies who may not know anything about the Arab League, the boycott, or the boycotting laws and run the risk of violating the sanctions without having any intention to ostracize Israel.”

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