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Government Contracts Group of the Year: Crowell

Jan.25.2012 — Government Contracts Law360

Government Contracts Group attorneys, including Washington, D.C.-based chair Angela B. Styles, and partners Daniel R. Forman and Amy Laderberg O'Sullivan, speak to Law360 about the Group's numerous victories in 2011, as well as the very important, yet confidential, work the firm does for its clients behind the scenes.

According to Styles, "Fifty percent of what we do is work where there's never going to be a public decision or anything that enters the public record. There's a lot of work that we do for companies, in terms of suspension and debarment, that never hits the newspapers."

Regarding the strength of the Group, Forman notes, "We truly have experts in every substantive government contracts area, and I don't think any other
practice in the country can genuinely say that."

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