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Bid Protest Experts Caution Against Overbroad Interpretation of Turner

Apr.24.2012 — BNA - Federal Contracts Report

Washington, D.C.-based Government Contracts Group counsel Peter Eyre speaks to BNA's Federal Contracts Report about the significance of The Court of Federal Claims' rejection of the Government Accountability Office's (GAO's) recommendation in Turner Construction Co., Inc. v. United States.

According to Eyre, "The smaller rise in filings in FY 2011 is not due to Turner but shows that filings are stabilizing after several years of strong growth. Turner is not necessarily a signal that agencies should be more critical of or ignore GAO's recommendations. I don't see it as a sea change, but it is a trend we are watching carefully to see if it rears itself in a context outside of OCIs (organizational conflicts of interest)."

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