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Air Pollution: Former DOJ Environment Official Lorenzen Dissects D.C. Circuit’s CSAPR Ruling

Jul.30.2015 — E&E News TV

Washington, D.C.-based Environment & Natural Resources Group partner, Thomas A. Lorenzen, speaks to E&E News TV host Monica Trauzzi regarding the implications of the D.C. Circuit Court’s ruling on Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). Lorenzen stated, "What the D.C. Circuit held yesterday is that certain states were being overregulated because the emission reductions required were more than necessary to get to attainment in all the linked downwind states." He added, "The agency's going to have to go back now and think about how you calculate goals for each of these affected states, and what that then does to the goals that are set for other states."

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