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UK Employment Law & Risk Agenda: A look at the year ahead...


In common with every other year, there are a number of key items on the UK employment law and risk agenda in 2010. Our key issues for the year are listed below. Click here to download a PDF of our full analysis.


  1. Increase in the Default Retirement Age… or will it be abolished?
  2. Single Equality Act
  3. Equal rights for agency workers
  4. Fit notes replace sick notes
  5. Additional paternity Leave
  6. Usual suspects I - Statutory payments
  7. Usual Suspects II - Unfair Dismissal and tribunal awards
  8. Time to train initiative
  9. Independent Safeguarding Authority
  10. Union rights


  1. Occupational Road Risk
  2. Occupational Fire Risk
  3. Occupational Health
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