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Supreme Court Denies Stolt-Nielsen's Certiorari Petition Challenging the DOJ's Decision to Prosecution


The Supreme Court denied Stolt-Nielsen's cert petition challenge the Department of Justice's Antitrust Divisions' decision to prosecution the corporation which had previously been granted immunity exchange for its cooperation in an antitrust investigation. Stolt-Nielsen had initially received leniency in exchange for providing information in the alleged customer allocation and bid-rigging in the liquid-cargo shipping market. The Antitrust Division later decided to lift the immunity when it decided Stolt-Nielsen had not lived up to the immunity agreement. After the Court's decision, Stolt-Nielsen announced that it will file a motion to dismiss the indictment based upon the amnesty agreement, on Nov. 22, in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.

Click for more information on the Supreme Court denial of the Stolt-Nielsen's Certiorari Petition.

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