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Shoura Approves New Food System


On the basis of proposals forwarded by its Committee on Health and the Environment, Saudi Arabia's Shoura Council approved on 23 April 2012 a draft law for a comprehensive food system in Saudi Arabia (the Draft Law).

The Draft Law has not been released to the public and will not become law until and unless enacted into law by a Royal Decree or Royal Order. However, it is understood that the Draft Law:

  • defines food and food additives;
  • sets standards for food;
  • mandates hygienic practices for food handling and food safety;
  • imposes requirements for the packaging of food;
  • authorizes the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to approve foodstuffs for import into Saudi Arabia and to prohibit the import of foodstuffs that are prohibited by Islamic law, harmful to health, unfit for consumption, or produced in violation of the standards for food production;
  • imposes a registration and licensing requirement upon establishments that produce and/or handle foodstuffs; and
  • imposes a registration requirement on foodstuffs that are marketed in Saudi Arabia.
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