In an interview with, Crowell & Moring chair Angela Styles talks about the origins of the firm, the values it has been built around, differentiation in the legal marketplace, and the evolving client/firm relationship.

"There's a paradigm shift in the relationship between clients and their law firms. They are asking for us to do things differently than we have done them in the past," Styles told " ... Firms will need to take a very close look to make sure they're delivering service on the clients' terms, not our own. That means you have to make sure you're training your lawyers and you've got the next right generation of lawyers."

The interview also explores mentorship at Crowell & Moring, including Styles' experiences on her path to leadership. "No one instinctively knows how to navigate the politics of a law firm," Styles said. "You don't know how it works. You may not have the best business acumen. It really does take more than just a program; it takes somebody to reach down and say, 'I am going to help you do this or that, and I'm really going to help you be successful, and we're going to work on this together.' And that's what happened for me."

"[Clients] are asking us to help them navigate within a really interesting world economy. And what’s important about this paradigm shift is that clients are asking us to take more risk," Styles said.

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