We've come a long way since 53 lawyers left a large national firm to practice the law differently. We asked some of our founding members to tell us about their recollections of those early days. Here’s what they had to say:


We wanted to start a new kind of firm. We were really there for each other, committed to each other and very entrepreneurial. There was an extraordinary spirit and bond. We established some guiding principles to help sustain that. The first of those is quality. If you’re not doing great work, you don’t feel good about yourself or the firm. Second, it’s important to have fun at work. You have fun doing good work and working with people you actually enjoy. And finally, give something back. All of those things have a lot to do with sustaining the spirit of Day One.

KENT MORRISON, Senior Counsel

The trip from then to now has been amazingly successful. My hope for the future is that the journey continues. I am optimistic because I see in the leaders and throughout the firm today a dedication to the same objectives we had at the beginning...it’s all in the people: talent, hard work, collegiality, and a terrific sense of humor.


Back then, we occupied three floors in mid-town with 53 lawyers. Now we’re on Pennsylvania Avenue with over 500. Unlike many name partners who are closed in their offices and screen their visitors, Took Crowell situated himself just inside the reception area, his door perpetually open. He hailed clients and firm lawyers alike. It set a tone. Took’s faith in me (early on, while working on a difficult and challenging case) also set the tone for my career at Crowell & Moring.

MARC EFRON, Senior Counsel

I’m proud to have helped found a firm that today includes over 1,000 professionals and staff around the globe. I’m mostly thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such a wonderful and collaborative group of founding lawyers. My hope for the future is that Took Crowell’s emphasis on power (financial success for our clients and ourselves) and soul (family and community commitment) is never forgotten. That’s what should define Crowell & Moring.

PETER WORK, Senior Counsel

It feels great to have played a role in founding Crowell & Moring. I suspect most of the founders would count the sustained growth and success of the firm as the most satisfying achievement of our professional lives. We’ve benefited from great leaders, starting with Took Crowell, and that has been one of the keys to our success. I feel exceedingly fortunate and proud to have been a member of a firm with the extraordinary culture, talents and instincts of Crowell & Moring. I don’t think any of the founding partners could have anticipated the great satisfaction we’ve experienced over these many years.