Portrait of Harvey Rishikof

Government Experience

  • Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive—Senior Policy Advisor
  • U.S. Department of Justice—Federal Bureau of Investigation, Legal Counsel to the Deputy Director
  • U.S. Supreme Court—Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice of the U.S.
  • Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts—Judicial Fellow


  • McGill University, B.A.
  • Brandeis University, M.A.
  • National War College, M.A.
  • New York University School of Law, J.D.


  • District of Columbia
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
Harvey Rishikof, Senior Counsel Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1 202.624.2766
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20004-2595

Harvey Rishikof is a senior counsel in Crowell & Moring's Privacy & Cybersecurity and Government Contracts groups in Washington, D.C. His practice focuses on national security, cybersecurity, government contracts, civil and military courts, terrorism, international law, civil liberties, and the U.S. Constitution. At the leading edge of many of the interactions between the legal community and the federal government and corporations, Harvey is routinely called upon to represent the legal community at meetings and forums on national security, cybersecurity, and terrorism.

Prior to joining the firm, Harvey was most recently the dean of faculty, National War College at the National Defense University, Washington, D.C. He currently serves as an outside director to CBI, Baton Rouge, LA, chairing the company's Government Security Committee – CFIUS. Harvey is also the chair of the American Bar Association Advisory Standing Committee on Law and National Security, co-chair with Judy Miller of the ABA National Taskforce on Cyber and the law, and a lifetime member of the American Law Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Over his career, Harvey has been a member of Hale and Dorr and has held multiple positions in government focused on national and cyber security investigations. He most recently served as senior policy advisor to the National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX), the agency responsible for counterintelligence and insider threat management across the federal government. He has also served at the FBI as a legal counsel to the deputy director of the FBI focusing on national security and terrorism and served as liaison to the Office of the Attorney General at the Department of Justice.

Harvey is committed to legal education in the area of cyber and national security. Prior to serving as dean, he was a professor of National Security Law at the National War College and dean of Roger Williams University School of Law. Until recently, Harvey also had a Joint Appointment as professor of law at Drexel University teaching courses in national security and cyber law. He is also a former tutor in social studies, government and sociology at Harvard University.

Harvey is a sought-after national speaker in the area of cybersecurity and national security and has written numerous articles and monographs on these topics. He is a co-author of "The National Security Enterprise – Navigating the Labyrinth" (Georgetown Press, 2011).


Admitted to practice: District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York


  • Chair, American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security
  • Co-Chair, National Taskforce, American Bar Association
  • Visiting Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University
  • Member, Board of Visitors, National Intelligence University
  • Member, Advisory Board, Harvard National Security Law Journal
  • Lifetime member, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Lifetime member, American Law Institute
  • Member, American Board – Wilton Park
  • Cyber Fellow, New American Foundation
  • Cyber Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Awards & Recognition

  • DOD Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award, 2011
  • Teaching Award Military Officers Association of America, 2009
  • Rhode Island NAACP Public Service Award, 2001
  • Rhode Island Bar Association for Public Service, 2001
  • Tom Clark Award, 1993-94
  • Administrative Office of the Federal Courts Group and Cash Award for Long-Range Plan, 1993-1994
  • Harvard University Award for Teaching, 1991-93
  • Golieb Fellowship, 1986-87
  • Center for European Studies Fellow, 1981-84, 1988-90
  • Krupp Pre-doctoral Fellowship, 1982-83
  • Canada Council Fellowship, 1978-81
  • Center for International Affairs Grant, Summer 1982
  • Canada Council Fellowship, 1976-78
  • First Class Joint Honors, 1975
  • Alexander MacKenzie King Fellowship, 1975-76
  • University Scholar, 1972-75

Highlights, News & Knowledge

Speeches & Presentations

  • "Cybersecurity Table Top for a Congressional Cyber Security Lab Program," Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. (June 10, 2016). Moderator: Evan D. Wolff. Facilitators: Peter B. Miller, Harvey Rishikof, Maida Oringher Lerner, Elliot Golding, and Kate Growley.
  • "What Higher Education Institutions Need to Know," Webinar (March 3, 2016).
  • "Standing up an Insider Threat Program," Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) National Capital Region - Government Contractors Forum: Security Clearance and Insider Threat Boot Camp, McLean, VA (February 9, 2016). Presenter: Harvey Rishikof.
  • "The Precedent for Cyber Insurance," Moving Beyond Breaches: The Practice and Potential of Cyber Insurance, New York, NY (October 26, 2015). Presenter: Harvey Rishikof.
  • "2015 Cybersecurity Summit," The Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR), Indianapolis, IN (September 15, 2015). Presenter: Harvey Rishikof.
  • "Cybersecurity: Are We Ever Safe," National Summit on Homeland Security Law, Oklahoma City, OK (April 18, 2015). Moderator: Harvey Rishikof.


  • Into the Gray Zone: The Private Sector and Active Defense Against Cyber Threats (October 31, 2016). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update – Week of August 28 (September 9, 2016). Authors: Matthew B. Welling, Lisa Weinert ,and Harvey Rishikof.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update – Week of August 14 (September 1, 2016). Authors: Matthew B. Welling, Harvey Rishikof, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update Week of August 7 (August 19, 2016). Authors: Matthew B. Welling, Harvey Rishikof, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update – Week of July 24 (August 3, 2016). Authors: Justin Kingsolver, Harvey Rishikof, Frederik Van Remoortel, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News, Update – Week of July 17 (July 25, 2016). Authors: Justin Kingsolver, Harvey Rishikof, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update- Week of July 9 (July 18, 2016). Authors: Justin Kingsolver, Harvey Rishikof, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Weekly News Update - Week of July 3 (July 12, 2016). Authors: Justin Kingsolver, Harvey Rishikof, and Lisa Weinert.
  • Cybersecurity Programs – A Guide (June 2016). Authors: Linda Lerner, Maida Oringher Lerner, Harvey Rishikof, and Jenny E. Cieplak.
  • Regulatory Forecast 2016: What Corporate Counsel Need to Know for the Coming Year (January 2016). Contributor.
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity — Extending the Cybersecurity Defense (January 2016). Contributors: Evan D. Wolff, Harvey Rishikof, and Frederik Van Remoortel. Also published in Westlaw Journal Government Contract, Vol. 30, Issue 5.
  • Cyber Security: What NFA Guidance Means For CCOs (December 14, 2015). Authors: Linda Lerner, Harvey Rishikof, and Jenny E. Cieplak.
  • Chair of Temple University's Physics Dept. Indicted for Providing U.S. High Tech to China (May 26, 2015). Authors: Edward Goetz, Harvey Rishikof, and Mark A. Klapow.
  • Six PRC Citizens Charged With Economic Espionage (May 21, 2015). Authors: Mark A. Klapow, Edward Goetz, and Harvey Rishikof.
  • In Pursuit of Heroes — The Culture of Judicial Biography: The Search for Clues of Integrity in the Legal Reasoning Process (2014). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Keeping Secrets, How the Government and the Press Adapt in a World Awash in Information (2014). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Dina Temple-Raston.
  • The U.S. Intelligence Community Law Sourcebook (2010-2013). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Reflections on 94 1, Ten years later (2012). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Shattered Boundaries- Whither the Cyber Future (2012). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Bernard Horowitz.
  • On Domestic Law Enforcement and Ferrol (2012). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Renn Gade.
  • ABA 50th Anniversary — Standing Committee on Law and National Security (2012). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Patriots Debate (2012). Contributors: Harvey Rishikof, Stewart Baker, and Bernie Horowitz.
  • Projecting Force in the 21st Century — Legitimacy and the Rule of Law: Title 50, Title 10, Title 18, and Art. 75 (2011). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Jeff Mustin.
  • Corporate Responsibility in Cybersecurity: Building international Global Standards (2011). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Kevin Lunday.
  • Congress and the Paradox of Detention Policy — What is the Appropriate Due Process for Detainees in the War on Terrorism? (2011). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Bernie Horowitz.
  • The National Security Enterprise: Navigating the Labyrinth (2011). Contributors: Harvey Rishikof and Roger George.
  • Canada's Evolving National Security Strategy —A perspective on shifting borders —physical, technological and intellectual (2010). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • The Liberal Tradition of the Supreme Court Clerkship: Its Rise, Fall and Reincarnation (2009). Authors: Harvey Rishikof, Bill Nelson, I. Scott Messinger, and Michael Jo.
  • Boumediene (2009). Commentary: Harvey Rishikof .
  • The Supreme Court Clerkship and the Polarization of the Court: Can it be Fixed (2009). Authors: Harvey Rishikof, William E. Nelson, Scott Messing, and Michael Jo.
  • The Normative Shift: Sovereignty v. Intervention (2009). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Understanding the Role of Northern Command in the Defense of the Homeland: The Emerging Legal Framework — Authorities and Challenge (2009). Contributors: Harvey Rishikof, Lisa L. Turner, and Jeanne Meyer.
  • Economic and Industrial Espionage: A Question of Counterintelligence or Law Enforcement (Spring/Summer 2009). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Institutional Ethics: (Public Policy, Public Morals, Public Responsibility) Drawing Lines For Militant Democracies (2009). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Economic or Industrial Espionage —Who Is Eating America's Lunch? How Do We Stop It? (2009). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Combating Terrorism in the Digital Age: A Clash of Doctrines — The Frontier of Sovereignty — National Security and Citizenship — The Fourth Amendment — Technology and Shifting Legal Borders (Winter 2008). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Due Process is a Strategic Choice: Legitimacy and the Establishment of an Article III National Security Court (Fall 2008). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Kevin. E. Lunday.
  • Essays on the Future of Legal Education (2008). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Book Review James E. Baker's In the Common Defense (2008). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Juridical Warfare: The Neglected Legal Instrument (2008). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • The War on Terrorism and the War on Drugs (2007). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Silent Leges Inter Arma: The Prevention Paradigm (2007). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Piercing the Fog: National Security, Courts, Media, and the Government (2007). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • 'The grave and probable danger rule,' Eugene Dennis, the Red Scare and the American Communist Party Conspiracy (2004). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Rosenberg v. United States (1953) Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Public Responses to Controversial Supreme Court Decisions: The Rosenberg Cases (2005). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • The Brave New World Order: Peace Through Law — Beyond Power Politics Or Peace Through Empire — Rationale Strategy And Reasonable Policy (2005). Co-Authors: Harvey Rishikof and Patrick Bratton.
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  • 'I consider your crime worse than murder,' Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and Atomic Espionage (2004). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • When Naked Came the Doctrine of 'Self-Defense': What is the Proper Role of the International Court of Justice in Use of Force Cases? - Concerning Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran J. United States of America, Judgment, Reports 2003 (Summer 2004). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Declaring sympathies with the enemy will no longer be tolerated (2004). Contributor: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Essays in Legal Education (2003). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Framing International Rights with a Janusism Edge — Foreign Policy and Class Actions — Legal Institutions as Soft Power (2003). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Is It Time for a Federalist Terrorist Court? Terrorists and Prosecutions: Problems, Paradigms, and Paradoxes (2003). Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Private Governments Within Public Governments -- Revisiting Pullman (Spring 1996). Co-Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Separateness but Independence, Autonomy but Reciprocity: A First Look at Federal Judges' Appearances before Legislative Committees (Spring 1995). Co-Author: Harvey Rishikof.
  • Safeguarding Your Company Against Insider Theft: 6 PRC Citizens Charged with Economic Espionage Authors: Mark A. Klapow, Harvey Rishikof, and Edward Goetz.

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