• University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.A. (1995)
  • University of California, Berkeley School of Law, J.D. (2000)


  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • U.S. District Court, Central District of California
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
  • U.S. District Cour, Southern District of California
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit

Gabriel M. Ramsey


Gabriel M. Ramsey is a partner in the San Francisco office of Crowell & Moring, where he is a member of the Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Privacy & Cybersecurity groups.

With a practice focusing on complex litigation involving technology, intellectual property, and cybersecurity, Gabe has handled a broad range of technology-related litigation matters regarding computing environments, platforms, data access and usage, Internet law, intellectual property, cybersecurity and regulatory issues. He has twice been named one of the top 75 IP litigators in California and a top cyber lawyer by the Daily Journal. He has been repeatedly recognized as an “IP Star” by Managing Intellectual Property magazine.

As a trial lawyer who handles his clients’ most important matters, Gabe has substantial experience in high technology and entertainment-related matters involving trade secret, patent, copyright, and trademark law. He has significant experience in carrying out internet enforcement actions and investigations involving cybercrime, trade secret misappropriation, fraud and deceptive activity, data breaches, and brand violations. He has also handled many licensing matters, open source licensing disputes, and general commercial disputes. He has significant experience in matters involving computer software, hardware, internet and networking technologies, video games, cloud computing, new media, and entertainment content. His work has involved not only the courtroom but also engagement with various branches of the U.S. and foreign governments on behalf of his clients.

Gabe has represented major technology and entertainment companies like Microsoft Corp., McAfee, Inc., EMC Corp., Perfect World Entertainment, Inc., NCSoft, Namco Bandai Games, NVIDIA Corp., IGN Entertainment, Inc., CNET Networks,, Say Media, Audible Magic Corp., Affinity Circles, Inc., Gracenote, Inc., Fox Entertainment Group, Fox Broadcasting, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm, Ltd., LucasArts Entertainment Co., Digidesign, and Mesa/Boogie, Ltd.

Representative Matters

Intellectual Property Matters


  • The Regents of the University of California, Dr. Michael Jung and Dr. Charles Sawyers.  Gabe prevailed at trial in a highly contested patent inventorship dispute involving a pharmaceutical compound relating to a blockbuster cancer drug in the Central District of California.
  • Carta.  Gabe is defending Carta in a patent infringement action involving alleged inventions relating to a private capital management platform.
  • Linden Lab.  Gabe successfully defended Linden Lab in a patent infringement action involving interactive virtual reality technology.
  • Audible Magic Corp. Gabe led a team that successfully defended Audible Magic in a patent infringement action brought by Blue Spike LLC, in the Eastern District of Texas. Obtained summary judgment of noninfringement for all asserted patents in Audible Magic's favor.
  • EMC Corp. / RSA Security. Gabe successfully defended EMC and RSA in a patent infringement matter involving data loss prevention and email security software.
  • Fox Entertainment Group and Fox Broadcasting Corp. Gabe successfully defended Fox in a patent infringement action involving forward error correction techniques allegedly used in television broadcasts.
  • Photobucket. Gabe successfully defended Photobucket in a patent infringement case involving online photosharing and access control technologies.
  • NVIDIA Corp. Gabe successfully defended NVIDIA in a patent infringement case involving graphics card and computer bus architectures.
  • Gabe represented eHarmony in a multidefendant patent litigation involving load-balancing web and application servers.
  • International Game Technology. Gabe defended IGT in a patent litigation involving digital gaming technology, which resulted in invalidation of the asserted patents on summary judgment.
  • Gracenote, Inc. Gabe represented Gracenote in a patent litigation involving online music recognition technology.


  • ROSS Intelligence, Inc.  Gabe is defending this legal AI innovator in a copyright and antitrust case involving whether the plaintiff may claim copyright in judicial opinions and fundamental legal structures, and whether it violates the antitrust law to attempt to do so.
  • Oracle. Gabe led development of technical and legal arguments regarding copyrightability and fair use on behalf of Oracle in Oracle v. Google, a series of high stakes trials and appeals involving whether Android impermissibly copies Java. This case involved significant rulings regarding copyrightability and fair use of code.
  • MGA Entertainment, Inc. Gabe was part of a team defending MGA in a copyright, trade secret, and contract matter involving fashion dolls.
  • The Walt Disney Company. Gabe has advised the Walt Disney Company on copyright matters.
  • Universal Studios, Lucas Digital, and Oscar-Winning Special Effects Artist Christopher Boyes. Gabe assisted these clients in the successful defense of a copyright infringement case involving the motion picture The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
  • Connectix Corp. Gabe represented Connectix in a dispute over the creation of a video game hardware emulator involving copyright, trade secret, and patent claims. This case involved rulings articulating significant principles regarding software fair use.
  • Pioneer Corp. Gabe represented Pioneer in an ongoing industry standard-setting process involving the adoption of a digital video copy protection solution based on DVD watermarking technology.

Trade Secret

  • Carta.  Gabe is defending Carta in a trade secret dispute involving a private capital management technology.
  • Akerna Corp.  Gabe successfully represented Akerna Corp.’s MJ Freeway global cannabis software company in a case to regain control over trade secrets.
  • Brunswick Rail.  Gabe successfully represented Brunswick Rail, a railcar leasing company, in a multijurisdictional trade secret action against several former executives.
  • Affinity Circles, Inc. Gabe successfully represented Affinity Circles in a trade secret dispute involving social networking technology.


  • R3.  Gabe successfully represented distributed ledger and blockchain software development company R3 in a trademark infringement action against a company that was using a confusingly similar name.
  • Microsoft Corp.  Gabe has successfully represented Microsoft in numerous cases involving infringing and dilutive uses of its trademarks and unfair competition relating to domain names, fraudulent schemes and pirated software.
  • LucasArts Entertainment Co. Gabe represented this videogame company as plaintiff in a trademark infringement action, resulting in a finding of infringement on summary judgment.
  • Lucasfilm Ltd.  Represented plaintiff Lucasfilm in numerous trademark and copyright cases involving Star Wars characters and character names.
  • Mesa/Boogie.  Represented this amplifier technology maker in trademark and unfair competition case involving trademark and related rights in an amplifier sound.
  • Ellie Mae, Inc.  Represented defendant Ellie Mae in trademark and copyright case involving automated mortgage processing software.

Internet Security, Safety And Brand Protection Matters


  • Carried out action to disable 96 IP addresses and thousands of domains that controlled the million computer “Rustock” botnet, capable of sending 30-40 billion spam email messages per day. The botnet was then the single largest source of spam in the world. This action decimated this massive criminal infrastructure.
  • Carried out action to disable 276 domains that controlled the 400,000 computer “Waledac” botnet capable of sending nearly 1.5 billion spam email messages per day. This action was the first civil action of its kind.
  • Carried out actions to disrupt the “Zeus,” “IceIX,” “SpyEye,” and “Citadel” financial theft botnets, which were collectively responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of online account theft.
  • Microsoft v. Sabelnikov, carried out this action to dismantle the “Kelihos” spam botnet and pursue the botnet's creators.
  • Microsoft v. Yong, carried out this action to dismantle the “Nitol” botnet, which leveraged counterfeit versions of the Windows operating system to distribute the malware and was used to carry out theft of personal information.
  • Microsoft v. Chupakhin, carried out this action to dismantle the “Bamital” botnet, which was engaged in online advertising “click” fraud, and pursue the botnet's creators.

Cybercrime, Fraud, Abuse

  • Identified and successfully pursued participants in an international criminal organization responsible for an enormous volume of fake pharmaceutical and adult spam email.
  • Identified and pursued defendant that used internet means to misappropriate and convey confidential technical material in a trade secret and corporate espionage matter.
  • Prosecuted action against parties fraudulently manipulating email spam filters and carrying out illegal automated creation of email accounts and spam email activity.
  • Successfully implemented enforcement program to disrupt distribution of pirated software through offshore file-sharing sites and peer-to-peer networks.
  • Investigated and pursued  credit card fraud ring abusing online gaming platform.
  • Investigated and initiated international civil litigation and law enforcement referrals against an “advance fee fraud ring.”
  • Investigated and pursued perpetrators of an online and telephonic “customer support” scam.
  • Prosecuted action against website publisher and internet traffic provider in a novel internet case related to “click fraud” and related fraudulent online advertising practices.
  • Investigated and pursued party engaged in fraudulent manipulation of search engine promotional program.
  • Investigated and advised regarding various malware and adware programs.
  • Defended Microsoft in Holomaxx v. Microsoft, a matter involving use and implementation of spam email filters.

Brand Protection

  • Prosecuted actions against cybersquatters infringing trademarks.
  • Carried out international enforcement actions against promoters and distributors of counterfeit goods, including consumer products, digital works, software, and pharmaceutical products.

Speeches & Presentations

  • “National Cyber Strategy and Maturing Public-Private,” DCC 2022, Vancouver, Canada (October 19, 2022). Speakers: Gabriel Ramsey and Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Criminal Intent-Protecting Your Brand in the Digital Space," 2021 ANA/BAA Marketing Law Conference, San Diego, CA (November 15 - 17, 2021). Speakers: Gabriel M. Ramsey and Kayvan M. Ghaffari.
  • "Is the Platform You’re Using a Potential Threat to Protecting Your Trade Secrets?" Crowell & Moring Webinar (May 13, 2020). Presenters: Gabriel M. Ramsey, Astor Heaven, Helen Osun, and Michael G. Gruden.
  • "Who Are You Calling a Pirate? Willful Infringement and Enhanced Damages," 2018 Advanced Patent Law Institute, East Palo Alto, CA (December 7, 2018). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Trade Secrets and Internal Investigations," Technology Law CLE Conference, San Francisco, CA (October 23, 2018). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Complex Threat Investigations: Managing Risk," 30th Annual All Hands Meeting, Santa Clara, CA (October 15, 2018). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Terra Terror and Traveling Tricks - Developments in Cybersecurity, US and International Trade Secret Law," AIPLA Annual Meeting (October 25, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "The Cops Too?- Concurrent Criminal and Civil Trade Secret Litigation," AIPLA Trade Secret Summit (October 22, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Bye, Bye Botnets," IAPP Privacy Academy (October 1, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "U.S. Cybercrime & Cybersecurity: Today's Stark Realities," Sandpiper Breakfast Briefing (September 17, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Technology and Privacy Design," Berkeley Center for Law & Technology: Privacy Law Forum (March 21, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
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  • "DRM Implementation in Media and Entertainment: From Standardization to Implementation of New Technology Strategies," Digital Hollywood at CES (January 10, 2009). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
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  • "Innovation in Games, Game Networks and Social Gaming," Building Blocks 2008 (August 6, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Fair Use: The Real State Of The Art," 2008 Consumer Electronics Emerging Technologies Summit (May 20, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
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  • "Issues in Internet Law - Overview of MediaX Intellectual Property Exchange Project," Stanford University MediaX Meeting (July 27, 2006). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Copyrights in the Aftermath of Napster," CLE International (February 6, 2004). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.


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