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White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement


Speeches & Presentations

  • "Commencing the Investigation:¬†Considerations at the Outset," PLI Internal Investigations 2013 (June 25, 2013). Speaker: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Litigation Forecast 2013: The Evolving White Collar Enforcement Landscape," Crowell & Moring Webinar (June 13, 2013). Presenters: Stephen M. Byers, Andy Liu, and Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "SEC Consent Decrees," Corporate Crime Reporter Neither Admit Nor Deny: Corporate Crimes in the Age of Deferred Prosecutions, Consent Decrees, Whistleblowers & Monitors, Washington, D.C. (May 3, 2013). Speaker: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Securities Fraud: What is Happening Post-Indictment," 27th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime (March 6-8, 2013). Panelist: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "What the FY13 NDAA's New Whistleblower Protections Mean for Government Contractors," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 27, 2013). Presenters: Andy Liu, Peter Eyre, Rebecca L. Springer, and Jason C. Lynch.
  • "Prosecutorial Discretion: Charging, Settling, and Prosecuting -- Public Interest Limitations?" ABA's Seventh Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (November 15-16, 2012). Presenter: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "The Government's Role in Capper-Volstead Enforcement,"¬†Crowell & Moring Capper-Volstead Conference, Washington, D.C. (November 8, 2012). Panelists: David Laing, Daniel Zelenko and M. Brinkley Tappan.
  • "Anti-Trust/Anti-Cartel Issues," ABA Criminal Justice Section White Collar Crime Committee & City of London Law Society's Corporate Crime & Corruption Committee 2012 International White Collar Crime Conference (2012). Moderator: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "Cost Effective Approaches to Dealing with ESI," American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section 2012 Spring Meeting, Los Angeles, CA (April 13, 2012). Panelist: Jeane A. Thomas.
  • "Subpoenas and Government Investigations," E-Discovery in Government Investigations and Criminal Litigation, ABA Criminal Justice Section Spring Conference (Los Angeles, April 2012). Panel Moderator: Stephen M. Byers.
  • "E-Discovery: Will There Ever Be Any Rules?," ABA White Collar Crime Institute (Miami, March 2012). Panel Moderator: Stephen M. Byers.
  • "What Every Southern California Business Should Know About Government Regulations and Enforcement in 2012," Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), Southern California Chapter, MCLE Program (March 21, 2012). Presenters: Janet Levine, Christopher K. Lui, Angela B. Styles, and Mark R. Troy.
  • "Developments, Trends, Expectations in Securities Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions," 6th Annual Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (November 3-4, 2011). Moderator: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "The UK Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: What US Companies Need to Know," Crowell & Moring Breakfast Briefing, New York, NY (September 21, 2011). Speaker: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Fundamentals of Criminal Antitrust: Sentencing of Individual Defendants," American Bar Association Cartel and Criminal Practice Committee's Fundamentals Audio Program Series (July 15, 2011). Speaker: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "Commencing the Investigation: Considerations at the Outset," Internal Investigations 2011: Investigations in the Aftermath of Dodd-Frank, Practising Law Institute, New York, NY (June 28, 2011). Presenter: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Government Investigations after Dodd-Frank: Are Paid Whistleblowers a Game Changer?" American Conference Institute's Advanced Forum on Whistleblower Enforcement & Compliance (March 30, 2011). Panelist: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Bribery Laws," Association of International Bank Auditors, Quarterly Meeting, New York (March 15, 2011). Presenters: Kelly T. Currie and Mark A. Egert.
  • "Enforcement Update: Review of Regulatory Actions, Accounting Enforcement SEC/PCAOB," Accounting for Lawyers 2: Beyond the Balance Sheet, Red Flags 2010, New York, NY (October 22, 2010). Co-Speaker: Dan Zelenko.
  • "What Every Outside Regulatory Counsel Should Know: A View From the Inside," ABA's Fifth Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (October 7, 2010). Panel Moderator: Dan Zelenko.