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White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement


Speeches & Presentations

  • "What Every SoCal Company Should Know About International Sanctions and Money Laundering," Los Angeles, CA (May 16, 2016). Presenters: Carlton Greene and Jeffrey H. Rutherford.
  • "Collateral Consequences: The Ever-Expanding Intended and Unintended Impact of a Conviction," The 30th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime, San Diego, CA (March 3, 2016). Presenters: Janet Levine and Kelly T. Currie.
  • "Speech and Debate Immunity, Executive Privilege & Judicial Privilege: A Primer," National Attorneys General Training & Research Institute Training Course, "Corruption: Prevention and Deterrence" (December 8, 2015). Presenter: Glen G. McGorty.
  • "Fourth Amendment Issues in Criminal Investigations," Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations & Prosecutions 2015, New York, NY (November 4, 2015). Presenter: Nimi Aviad.
  • "The Internationalization of Securities Enforcement - Foreign and Domestic Regulators," ABA - 10th Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (October 2, 2015). Presenter: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "2015: The Year in Review," ABA - 10th Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (October 1, 2015). Presenter: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Doing Business in Regulation Rich California," Association of Corporate Counsel Southern California Chapter. Dodger Stadium, Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (September 2, 2015). Presenters: Derek A. Hahn and Agustin D. Orozco.
  • "Corporate Counsel Litigation Forum: Strategies & Trends in Effective Value-Based Billing," Crowell & Moring's Corporate Counsel Litigation Forum Webinar Series (June 23, 2015). Moderator: Jerome A. Murphy; Panelists: Robert A. Lipstein, Matthew Laws, Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, and Justin Ergler.
  • "The Changing Landscape of Internal Investigations," WOOPS 2015, Crowell & Moring's West Coast Ounce of Prevention Seminar, Marina del Rey, CA (May 14, 2015). Moderator: Gail D. Zirkelbach; Panelists: Derek A. Hahn, Justin P. Murphy, and Joelle Sires.
  • "False Claims Act: Does the Road (To Liability) Go On Forever?" OOPS 2015, Crowell & Moring's 31st Annual Ounce of Prevention Seminar, Washington, D.C. (May 5-6, 2015). Moderator: Brian Tully McLaughlin; Panelists: Andy Liu, Mark R. Troy, and Mana Elihu Lombardo.
  • "The Affordable Care Act‘s Aftermath: Litigation and Regulatory Issues," Harvard Health Law Society (April 1, 2015). Presenters: Michael W. Lieberman and Marisa Adelson.
  • "This Year in Trade - What's Ahead in 2015?" Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 10, 2015). Moderator: Jeffrey L. Snyder.
  • "This Year in Trade - What's Ahead in 2015: Anti-money Laundering (AML)," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 10, 2015). Presenters: Cari N. Stinebower and Emmanuel Plasschaert.
  • "Compliance Chiefs: The Role of the Internal Watchdog," ABA's Ninth Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (November 13-14, 2014). Speaker: Daniel L. Zelenko.
  • "An Evening with Wall Street’s Top Cop: U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara," Association of Business Trial Lawyers, Los Angeles, CA (November 11, 2014). Moderator: Jason C. Murray; Panelist: Janet Levine.
  • "Litigation Forecast 2014: Emerging Technologies and the Law," Crowell & Moring Webinar (June 24, 2014). Moderator: David D. Cross; Panelists: Christopher Calsyn, Justin P. Murphy, and Jeane A. Thomas.
  • "The Do's and Don'ts of International Sales Contracts and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)," Virginia Economic Development Partnership Export Training Seminar (April 14-15, 2014). Panelists: Dalal Hasan, Morris F. DeFeo, Jr., and Alan Gourley.
  • "Year in Review," ABA's Eighth Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud, New Orleans, LA (October 24-25, 2013). Moderator: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "M&A Due Diligence," ABA's Sixth Annual National Institute on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Washington, D.C. (September 18-20, 2013). Moderator: Thomas A. Hanusik.
  • "Earning 'High Premium' for Effective Remediation," American Bar Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (August 11, 2013). Panelist: Kelly T. Currie.