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Client Alerts Let’s Talk FCA: Civil Investigative Demands (February 2019) Feb.15.2019
In the News You May Be Disappointed By The Mueller Report Feb.14.2019
In the News The Early Edition: February 11, 2019 Feb.11.2019
In the News Former Houston Businessman Sentenced For Illegally Funded Congressional Trip Feb.11.2019
In the News Matthew Whitaker Plays To An Audience Of One Feb.09.2019
In the News Former Top FBI Official Chuck Rosenberg Says Whitaker Testimony ‘Disgraceful’ (video clip) Feb.09.2019
In the News Whitaker Hearing: What New Information Did He Provide? (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News Can Executive Privilege Apply To Whitaker's Talks With Trump? (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News A Scandal For The Ages, Even During Trump's Presidency (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend': Connecting The Dots From Bezos And AMI To The Saudis (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News New McCabe Book Gives Inside Look Into Comey Firing (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News Matt Whitaker Testifies To An Audience Of One (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News Former Senior FBI Official Calls Whitaker Hearing 'Disgraceful' (video clip) Feb.08.2019
In the News Whitaker Testimony 'Disgraceful', Says Former FBI Official Feb.08.2019
Publications Why The FBI Sent So Many Agents To Roger Stone's Home Feb.03.2019
Client Alerts DOJ Answers Key Questions About False Claims Act Reform Efforts Jan.30.2019
In the News Acting AG Whitaker: Mueller Probe Is 'Close To Being Completed' (video clip) Jan.29.2019
In the News What Does Roger Stone's Indictment Mean For The Future Of The Mueller Probe? (video clip) Jan.28.2019
Publications Roger Stone's Arrest Was Appropriate, Not Heavy-Handed Jan.26.2019
In the News A Conspiracy or Not? Here’s What We Know About the Mueller Case Jan.26.2019