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Client Alerts New DOJ Policies Relieve "Catch-22" Pressure on Companies Conducting Cross-Border Investigations Dec.14.2018
Client Alerts Let’s Talk FCA: False Claims Act Whistleblowers (December 2018) Dec.13.2018
In the News Latest In Mueller's Russia Probe Is Damning For Trump, Ex-Prosecutor Says Dec.10.2018
In the News Can A Sitting President Be Charged Or Indicted? (video clip) Dec.10.2018
In the News 3 New Mueller Filings May Show Some Of What Ex-Trump Aides Have Told Investigators Dec.06.2018
In the News Will New Mueller Docs Show Russia Probe Is Nearing An End? (video clip) Dec.06.2018
In the News Trump Lawyers, Special Counsel In Discussions Following Written Submission Of President's Responses Dec.06.2018
In the News Huawei Executive’s Arrest Could Chill Commercial Ties Between The U.S. And China Dec.06.2018
In the News Mueller Memo: Flynn Cooperation Led To Other Witness Testimonies (video clip) Dec.04.2018
In the News Legal Experts: Trump Committed Witness Tampering In Plain Sight (video clip) Dec.03.2018
Client Alerts The Solicitor General Provides an Unexpected and Quicker Path to Victory for Gilead Dec.03.2018
Client Alerts DOJ Resets Bar for Corporate-Cooperation Credit and Shifts Emphasis in False Claims Act Cases from Individual Accountability to Monetary Recovery Nov.30.2018
In the News The Stunning Implications Of The Manafort-Trump Pipeline Nov.29.2018
In the News Trump's Recall Of Moscow Deal Matches Cohen's, President's Lawyers Say Nov.29.2018
In the News Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress about Trump Tower Moscow (video clip) Nov.29.2018
In the News What Else Is President Trump Hiding? (video clip) Nov.29.2018
In the News Manafort's Lawyer Said To Brief Trump Attorneys On What He Told Mueller Nov.28.2018
In the News Cooperation Between Trump, Manafort Camps Raises Specter Of Obstruction Of Justice Nov.28.2018
Publications A Path Forward For Post-Trump Reforms Nov.26.2018
In the News Is Trump Abusing His Power With The DOJ With New Acting AG Matt Whitaker? (video clip) Nov.21.2018