Background - Practices (Details)

Criminal Trials

Our lawyers have tried felonies and misdemeanors in federal district courts and in state courts around the country. We are experienced and successful in trial, with a proven track record. We have handled criminal cases involving the most serious murders, terrorism matters, espionage and racketeering, as well as trials involving highly technical securities and trade secrets. We are equally at home in the courtroom as we are in the boardroom.


  • After a criminal trial lasting over five weeks in federal court, in one of the few Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) cases to go to trial, we obtained a dismissal with prejudice of all charges against our client, including allegations of improper payments to government officials in Mexico, based on prosecutorial misconduct.
  • On behalf of an individual accused of criminal bid-rigging, we won the dismissal of all charges by the judge at the close of the government's case after two weeks of trial in federal court in Texas.
  • In a trial involving a transportation company accused of filing false reports with and withholding information from a federal agency, the jury in federal court in Florida returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts.
  • After a seven-week federal criminal jury trial, we successfully defended the CFO of an aircraft leasing company, who faced government allegations that the company and many of its high-ranking executives engaged in a fraudulent financing scheme that raised $50 million. The company and its CEO were convicted on bribery and fraud charges, but the jury hung on our client, leading to the declaration of a mistrial, followed by dismissal of all charges.
  • In connection the largest food recall in U.S. history, we successfully argued for the dismissal of all charges against a food company official accused of making false statements to a federal agency at the close of the government's case after four weeks of trial in federal court in Nebraska.
  • In defending a prominent former charter school executive in a high-profile public corruption matter, we obtained the dismissal of multiple charges in pretrial motion practice and, after a month-long jury trial, the reversal of all public corruption convictions based on post-trial motions. The remaining counts of conviction are currently on appeal, as is the court's granting of the motion for a new trial on the public corruption convictions.
  • In federal court in Maryland, we won the acquittal of the vice president for quality assurance of a major pharmaceutical company, accused of conspiracy, obstruction, and other charges, after the company itself had pleaded guilty and paid a $10 million fine.