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Volker Rule and Its Impact on the High Frequency Trader

July 8, 2010 • Webinar

This webinar is sponsored by Trading Cross Connects.

The US Congress appears ready to pass the long awaited financial regulatory overhaul bill (the “Bill”). The Bill represents the most comprehensive attempt to regulate the financial services industry since the Great Depression. The Bill contains the so-called Volcker Rule (the “Rule”), named after its original proponent former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker. The Rule as originally envisioned sought to: (i) ban U.S. banks from trading financial instruments with their own capital, and (ii) required U.S. banks to give up their stakes in hedge funds and private equity funds. The Rule has been the subject of intense lobbying and negotiation. The purpose of this webinar is to review the Volker Rule and its impact on high frequency trading.

Topics Covered:

  • “Volker Rule” – is it now law?
  • How much still remains to be specified/defined and who does that?
  • Who does this apply to? What individuals and institutions are impacted?
  • How is proprietary trading defined?
  • Are there any exceptions to the definition?
  • What products/asset classes are covered?
  • How long do institutions have to comply?
Mark Egert is one of the speakers at this webinar. 

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