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ACI - Whistleblower Enforcement & Compliance

March 29 - 30, 2011 • New York, NY

As the latest in whistleblower protection and provisions was passed by the SEC, proposed financial incentives have increased on a scale never seen before for whistleblowers waiting on the sidelines. This strikes fear into many companies because of a potential growth within whistleblower claims expected, effective claims and investigation handling needed and the fallout to an organization from both merit and non-merit claims. Additionally, SEC guidelines on Dodd-Frank remain “grey” therefore many questions need to be answered with regards to a future expected growth within future claims-handling.

With all eyes on recent whistleblower provisions including Dodd Frank, the stakes are higher than ever to reformulate and update your corporate compliance programs in response to the proposed threat of a growth in whistleblower claims made against you. There has never been a more essential time for corporate compliance officers, secretaries and audit committee members to take note of this and respond in the form of effective, innovative defense, compliance and whistleblower claims handling.

In response, ACI is proud to bring you the essential defense and compliance forum that will shape the future of handling and managing whistleblower clams for leading in-house and outside counsels.

Dan Zelenko is one of the speakers at this event, discussing the topic "Government Investigations after Dodd-Frank: Are Paid Whistleblowers a Game Changer?"

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