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Media Mentions

EU: Ban on Religious Symbols in the Workplace Upheld
June 6, 2016 — Bloomberg BNA
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Featured Professionals: Emmanuel Plasschaert

DC Circ. Due Process Ruling Puts Amtrak Priority In Jeopardy
May 2, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Daniel W. Wolff

Big Suits
April 25, 2016 — The American Lawyer
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Featured Professionals: Luke van Houwelingen, Diane Shrewsbury

US Judge Unseals Order Dismissing Suture Express Medical Product Tying Suit
April 12, 2016 — PaRR
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Featured Professionals: Luke van Houwelingen, Diane Shrewsbury

$200M Suture Antitrust Suit Nixed for Lack of Market Power
April 8, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Luke van Houwelingen, Diane Shrewsbury

Suture Express Tying Claims Against Rivals Rejected
April 8, 2016 — Bloomberg BNA
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Featured Professionals: Luke van Houwelingen, Diane Shrewsbury

Law360 Names Top Attorneys Under 40
March 30, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Brian Tully McLaughlin

4 Tips for Waging Scope Fights at Commerce
March 4, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Daniel Cannistra

Les Représentants des Travailleurs Sont-ils Trop Protégés?
December 22, 2015 — L’Echo
Featured Professionals: Emmanuel Plasschaert

Crowell Reaps Benefits of Cost Management Technology, Sees 11% PPP Growth
February 10, 2015 — National Law Journal

The National Law Journal speaks with Crowell & Moring chairman and Washington, D.C.-based partner, Kent A. Gardiner, about the growth and progression the firm has made in 2014. By investing in technological advances and an industry-wide recovery, Crowell & Moring reported increases in almost all of the firm's financial metrics last year. "It's partly about us and partly about the industry," said Gardiner. "We seem to be discernibly getting past the recession. We’re not in some big bounce or big rebound, but there’s solid growth at the top of the legal market." In addition to the aforementioned advancements, the firm's legal project management program, which relies on fee plans other than the billable hour, continues to help the firm retain current clients and attract new ones as well.

Featured Professionals: Kent A. Gardiner

Drone Law Practices Are Beginning to Take Flight
January 26, 2015 — National Law Journal

Crowell & Moring's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) practice is recognized as one of the firms in Washington, D.C. with a drone-focused practice group, a quickly growing niche in the regulatory arena. In this realm, the firms advise on new FAA regulations and fines on drone usage from commercial entities to individuals, and client compliance with existing policies. Learn more about the firm's UAS practice by clicking here.

Featured Professionals: Eileen M. Gleimer

At Some D.C. Firms, More Women Than Men Make Partner
January 19, 2015 — National Law Journal

Crowell & Moring managing partner Ellen M. Dwyer is quoted in a National Law Journal article highlighting the trend that women accounted for half or more of new partners at eight of the largest firms in Washington, D.C. This year, three of Crowell & Moring's six attorneys that were promoted to partnership were women, which Dwyer attributes to the firm's long-term campaign of making more opportunities available to women. Washington, D.C.-based tax partner, Jennifer Ray is noted as one of the firm's newly promoted partners.

Featured Professionals: Ellen Moran Dwyer

GCR 100 – 15th Edition
December 2014 — Global Competition Review

Crowell & Moring's Antitrust Group has been recognized as "highly recommended" in Global Competition Review's (GCR) 15th edition of the "GCR 100: The World's Leading Competition Practices." The report highlights the group's 2014 success in all facets of the practice, including advising on in-depth merger investigations and prevailing in a dozen dispositive motions in litigations. The Washington, D.C. and New York based teams are specifically cited for three pillars of their practice, including big-ticket merger work, criminal cartel investigations, and civil antitrust litigation. The editors note the strength of the group can be seen through their Fortune 500 clients including, AT&T, DaVita, and Amazon.

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Law360 Names Attys Who Moved Up The Firm Ranks In Q2
July 11, 2014 — Law360

Law360 highlights the 2014 second quarter promotions and leadership announcements among various law firms. The Crowell & Moring attorneys mentioned include: Elieen M. Gleimer and Gerald F. Murphy, named co-chairs of the firm's Aviation Group; Bryan Brewer, named co-chair of the firm's Corporate Group; Ian A. Laird, named co-chair of the firm's International Dispute Resolution group; and Eric Edwards, named chair of the firm's Government Affairs Group.

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Featured Professionals: Bryan Brewer, Eileen M. Gleimer, Ian A. Laird

Female Powerbrokers Q&A: Crowell's Ellen Dwyer
February 7, 2014 — Labor & Employment Law360

Law360 has recognized Ellen M. Dwyer, Crowell & Moring's managing partner and member of the firm's Labor & Employment Group, in their 2014 "Female Powerbroker" series. In this feature, Dwyer discusses her  professional and personal experiences as a successful woman in the legal industry which many consider to be "an old boys' network." When asked what advice she would give to aspiring female lawyers, Dwyer notes, "I would urge a young woman attorney to of course do excellent work, but then to get out of her office, and to let the lawyers around her know what her ambition is, and her commitment to realizing it. She should throw her hat in the ring for opportunities, and worry about how she can manage it all after she gets the opportunity. She'll find a way to manage, and in the interim, she will grow tremendously as a lawyer and person."

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Featured Professionals: Ellen Moran Dwyer

Q&A: Jeffrey Pagano
October 25, 2013 — New York Law Journal

New York partner, Jeffrey Pagano, sits down with New York Law Journal to share about one of his most exciting adventures: Hot Rod Magazine's "Drag Week." Joining Pagano for the adventure is Washington, D.C.-based partner, Keith Harrison, who is a Drag Week veteran and owner of the '55 Chevrolet Bel Air the pair drove throughout the course of the 5-day racing event. Taking turns at the wheel, Harrison handled most of the racing at a series of Midwest race tracks, while Pagano did most of the driving between race sites, sometimes up to 300 miles. When all was said and done, the pair covered over 1,000 miles and they already have their sights set on next year's event.

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Featured Professionals: Keith J. Harrison

Conferences: Planning, Coordination, Consistency Urged In Talks Geared to Business and Its Counsel
March 25, 2013 — Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter

Crowell & Moring LLP's second annual Advertising & Product Risk Management seminar is featured in Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter in a piece titled, "Planning, Coordination, Consistency Urged In Talks Geared to Business and Its Counsel." According to the piece, "A holistic approach to risk management, integrating legal and business concerns, works best for companies throughout the life cycle of their products."

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Big Suits: In Re Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge Antitrust Litigation
August 29, 2012 — American Lawyer

Crowell & Moring's representation of CSX Transportation, Inc. is highlighted in the coverage of this significant antitrust class action litigation. The article notes that the firm has advised CSX on litigation matters for two decades.

Face Time, Surveys Boost Client Service At 17 Firms: GCs
November 30, 2011 — Legal Industry Law360

Crowell & Moring is listed among 17 firms that received praise from corporate counsel for improving their client focus in the BTI Client Service A-Team 2012 report by the BTI Consulting Group Inc.

According to the article, “While many firms have been increasing their emphasis on client service to remain competitive, a few made strong pushes toward more in-person meetings, satisfaction surveys and follow-up calls this year, earning them the designation of most improved in a new survey of corporate counsel.”

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