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Draft Investment Accounts Instructions Issued by Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority for Public Consultation


As part of the efforts of the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority (the CMA) to develop the Saudi Arabian capital market and protect investors, and pursuant to the Capital Market Regulations as enacted by Royal Decree Number M/30 dated 2/6/1424 H / 1 August 2003, the Board of the CMA has published draft Investment Accounts Instructions (the Draft Instructions) on the CMA's website to allow concerned and interested parties to provide their comments and observations.

The Draft Instructions aim to regulate the opening and operation of investment accounts held by authorized persons licensed to undertake dealing, managing, or custody activities and to define the related investment account controls and supervisory rules.

The CMA will accept comments and observations on the Draft Instructions via email to no later than Monday 29/4/1437 H / 8 February 2016. The CMA notes that it will study and consider all comments and observations prior to issuing final Instructions.

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