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  • "Solving the Procedural Quagmire for Testing Reverse Payment Settlements," Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology (Spring 2010). Co-Authors: Richard McMillan, Jr., Mary Bram and M. Brinkley Tappan.
  • "Antitrust Developments in the Media and Entertainment Industries," Global Competition Review (2007). Co-Author: Olivier N. Antoine.
  • "Het aansprakelijkheidsregime voor ISP's en andere tussenpersonen in de wet elektronische handel: onbekend en onbemind…" [Case law annotation regarding ISP liability after the Seniorennet decision of the Antwerp Court of First Instance], TBH (2007). Co-Authors: Christoph De Preter and Thomas De Meese.
  • "Country Q&A: United States Information Technology," Practical Law Company, Information Technology Handbook, 2nd Edition (2007-08). Co-Authors: Gaela Bailey, Benjamin T. Butler, Christopher Calsyn, Robin B. Campbell, Charles C. Hwang, Kris D. Meade and John I. Stewart, Jr.
  • "Outwitting the cybersquatter," Trademark World, Issue 196 (April 2007). Co-Authors: Kristof Roox and Olivier Vandroogenbroek.
  • "The Next Telecom Frontier: A 'Net Neutrality' Primer," Global Competition Review of the Americas (October 2006). Co-Authors: Robert Lipstein and Jeffrey Blumenfeld.

    Robert A. Lipstein and Jeffrey Blumenfeld, partners with Crowell & Moring's Antitrust Group, write about the debate over net neutrality.

    An extract from The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2007, a Global Competition Review special report -

  • "European Court Annuls the EC's decision approving the Sony/BMG joint venture," The M&A Lawyer, Volume 10, No 8, 7 (July/August 2006). Author: Olivier N. Antoine.
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  • "Application of US Antitrust Law in the Telecommunications Industry in an Era of Rapid Change," Antitrust Review of the Americas 2006 (September 2005). Co-Authors: Wm. Randolph Smith, Jeffrey Blumenfeld and Robert M. Halperin.

    Antitrust partners Wm. Randolph Smith, Jeffrey Blumenfeld and Robert M. Halperin write on the fundamental changes occurring throughout the telecommunications sector that will profoundly alter both the commercial marketplace and the regulatory environment.

    Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research. This article was first published in the Antitrust Review of the Americas 2006 (published in September 2005). For further information please visit

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