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Category Title Date
Publications Breaking: Democrat Robert Adler to Take Helm of Product Safety Agency Sep.16.2019
Publications The Unregistered Community Design to conquer the European fashion industry Sep.13.2019
Publications ITC Publishes Final Rule Regarding Filing of Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) Petitions Sep.03.2019
Publications Clothing Importer Faces FCA Suit and Criminal Charges for Undervaluing Goods Aug.22.2019
Publications L’Oreal USA Loss Highlights Importance of Nondisclosure Agreements Aug.15.2019
Publications Fashion Industry Affected by USTR’s Proposed 10 Percent Ad Valorem Tariff on Imports from China Aug.14.2019
Publications E-Commerce in Europe: More Fines, More Problems (For Brand Owners) Aug.09.2019
Publications The EU Cybersecurity Act: Addressing the Risks of a Connected Europe Aug.02.2019
Publications E-commerce in Europe: Guess’ €40 Million Fine and Brand Names in Online Advertising Jul.02.2019
Publications Navigating the Definition of Consumer Product: How Broad is the CPSC’s Regulatory Reach? Jul.01.2019
Publications Fashion & Beauty Breakfast Series – What’s News in Retail Spring 2019 Jun.21.2019
Publications Buerkle Withdraws Her Nomination to Lead Product Safety Agency Jun.20.2019
Publications One year Later: GDPR’s Impact on the Retail Sector May.30.2019
Client Alerts No "Backsies" – Licensors Cannot Use Bankruptcy To Claw Back Trademark Rights from Licensees Says Supreme Court May.21.2019
Publications E-Commerce in Europe: A Look into Nike’s Recent Antitrust Fines May.09.2019
Publications Pathways to Recovery in the MasterCard/Visa Interchange Fee Litigation May.02.2019
Publications DOL’s Proposed Overtime Rule to Increase Minimum Salary for Store Managers to Remain Exempt Mar.26.2019
Publications Straightening Your CAP After a Recall – Tips for Following a Corrective Action Plan Mar.21.2019
Publications Get Ready for MTB 2019 – The Process for Requesting the Reduction or Elimination of Import Duties Feb.28.2019
Publications EPCA Compliance: What Appliance Manufacturers (and Importers) Need to Know Feb.21.2019