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Media Mentions

Inside the 'Messy Brew' of Product Safety Penalties
June 20, 2016 — The National Law Journal
Featured Professionals: Cheryl A. Falvey

Insights From the Women of Cybersecurity
Spring 2016 — American Bar Association

New York’s Competition Bar
April 19, 2016 — Global Competition Review
Featured Professionals: Olivier N. Antoine, Daniel L. Zelenko

CPSC Chief’s Recent Statements Don’t Calm Companies’ Concerns about Civil Penalties
March 15, 2016 — Bloomberg BNA
Featured Professionals: Cheryl A. Falvey

4 Tips for Waging Scope Fights at Commerce
March 4, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Daniel Cannistra

Crowell Adds Product Liability Defense Pro In Calif.
January 25, 2016 — Law360

5 Things Contractors Should Care About in 2016
January 18, 2016 — Federal News Radio

Washingtonian Top Lawyers: Tax Lawyers
December 30, 2015 — Washingtonian
Featured Professionals: David B. Blair

Tax Regulation and Legislation to Watch in 2016
December 24, 2015 — Law360
Featured Professionals: David J. Fischer

Federal Tax Cases to Watch in 2016
December 24, 2015 — Law360
Featured Professionals: David J. Fischer

Biggest Federal Tax Cases of 2015
December 24, 2015 — Law360
Featured Professionals: David J. Fischer

5 Biggest Tax Policy Changes Of 2015
December 21, 2015 — Law360
Featured Professionals: David J. Fischer

CIT Orders Commerce to Rethink Oven Door Handle Duties
December 8, 2015 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Daniel Cannistra

Policy, but what now: The GCR Section 5 Roundtable
September 8, 2015 — Global Competition Review

Washington, D.C.-based Antitrust Group senior counsel, Lisa Kimmel, shares her perspective on the Federal Trade Commission's published guidance on Section 5 authority during a roundtable discussion hosted by Global Competition Review. "In my view, by tying section 5 enforcement to likely competitive harm, it doesn't go beyond what the commission has stated in other documents ... so I don't expect any practical change in how the agency approaches enforcement," Kimmel said.

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Featured Professionals: Lisa Kimmel, Ph.D.

Strategies Wearable Tech: Growth of Smart Garments Sparks Suits of the Non-Apparel Variety — Lawsuits
March/April 2015 — Textile Insight

Washington, D.C.-based counsel and member of the firm’s Intellectual Property Group, Lisa A. Adelson, speaks with Textile Insight about a recent case in which a wearable technology company filed several complaints in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia for patent infringement of wearable technology. While Adelson is not involved in the case, she notes that for brands interested in smart apparel, it is important to scan the market for similarities. "Just like in inventions historically, if this is your specialty you sort of know the state of the art. If you think you are close [to another product], you need to get legal advice," said Adelson.

Featured Professionals: Lisa A. Adelson

4 Tips for Negotiating IRS Advance Pricing Agreements
March 27, 2015 — Law360

Washington, D.C.-based partner and member of the firm's Tax Group, David J. Fischer, talks with Law360 about the expert tips and best practices taxpayers should keep in mind when negotiating an advance pricing agreement (APA)."You have to think about the likelihood of succeeding with an APA and whether you're willing to take a somewhat less aggressive position. Most APAs involve transactions with affiliates in jurisdictions with tax rates similar to the U.S. rate, so the IRS's tendency to push of the results toward the middle has less impact on the overall effective tax rate," said Fischer.

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Featured Professionals: David J. Fischer

Crowell Hires from FTC Chairwoman's Office
March 3, 2015 — Global Competition Review

Washington, D.C.-based Antitrust Group senior counsel, Lisa Kimmel, is interviewed by Global Competition Review (GCR) about her recent arrival to Crowell & Moring. Kimmel, who was most recently an advisor to Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez, told GCR that she expects her economics and federal agency background to contribute to her new role at the firm. "Economics provides the lens for analyzing antitrust matters and it's often the battleground on which cases are fought," Kimmel said.

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Featured Professionals: Lisa Kimmel, Ph.D.

FTC, Private Sector Lock Horns Over Consumer Data Protection
February 25, 2015 — E-Commerce Times

Washington, D.C.-based partner and co-chair of the firm's Advertising & Product Risk Management Group, Christopher A. Cole, speaks to E-Commerce Times regarding recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) data breaches. In the case of FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide, Wyndham is charged with violating the FTC Act by claims their privacy policy misrepresented the security measures the company had in place with a failure to safeguard personal information. Wyndham is fighting back, arguing the fundamental legal authorities the FTC relies on to protect consumer privacy. One of these authorities is the 'unfair practice' provision of the FTC Act which Cole says is an issue "that has ramifications far beyond data security, and it would be a major blow to the FTC if the court placed significant constraints on the FTC here."

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Featured Professionals: Christopher A. Cole

Q&A: Crowell & Moring's Daniel Sasse
January 6, 2015 — Global Competition Review

Head of the firm's Orange County office and partner in the firm's Antitrust Group, Daniel A. Sasse, takes part in Global Competition Review's Q&A series, and shares his views on the most compelling issues facing the competition bar both in the U.S. and abroad. Sasse touches on a number of questions ranging from what antitrust cases he is following closely, to whom he admires most in the antitrust community. When asked about which issue in antitrust he finds most interesting right now, Sasse stated, "The ability of U.S. companies to pursue damages from foreign suppliers for price-fixing on products sold in the U.S. is probably at the top of the list for those of us who spend a significant amount of our time litigating cartel cases."

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Featured Professionals: Daniel A. Sasse