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Google's Move To Restrict Web-Cookies Signals Need To Re-Think Post-Regulatory Internet
January 27, 2020 — Legaltech News
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Crowell Nabs Ex-Kirkland Partner To Grow Litigation Practice
January 27, 2020 — Law360
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Predicting Tariff Impacts On Industrial Business In 2020 (podcast)
January 24, 2020 — ThomasNet
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Behind The Scenes: How The Democratic House Managers Prepped Their Trial Presentation
January 24, 2020 — NBC News
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Wallace: It Shouldn't Take Courage For GOP To Admit Trump's Wrongdoing, Just Common Sense (video clip)
January 24, 2020 — MSNBC
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Crowell & Moring-Nicola Phillips
January 24, 2020 — New Law Journal

GC Cheat Sheet: The Hottest Corporate News Of The Week
January 24, 2020 — Law360
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Rosenberg: The Only Class of People Who Speak Like Trump Are Mobsters (video clip)
January 24, 2020 — MSNBC
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Litigation Experts Warn That General Counsel Must Dive Deep Into New Technology Products
January 23, 2020 — Corporate Counsel
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Ex-Senator Says Democrat Likely To Risk Revealing Classified Impeachment Document From Pence Aide
January 23, 2020 — Washington Examiner
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Cameron Collins Gets Probation-And His Father Gets All the Blame
January 23, 2020 — The Buffalo News
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Ex-Congressman's Son Dodges Prison For Insider Trading
January 23, 2020 — Law360

Killing A Killer Acquisition, Or The Birth Of Nascent Competition Enforcement?
January 22, 2020 — Global Competition Review

Chuck Rosenberg On Witness Strategy In Trump Impeachment Trial (video clip)
January 22, 2020 — MSNBC
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MSNBC’s Maddow, Hayes Torch Senators For Leaving Trial, Falling Asleep: If You Can’t Sit There For Eight Hours, ‘Resign Tomorrow’
January 22, 2020 — Mediaite
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Why Is The Justice Department Knocking Harder At Apple's Backdoor?
January 22, 2020 — Legaltech
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McCaskill: Trump's Lawyer Just Stood In Front Of The Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court And Lied (video clip)
January 21, 2020 — MSNBC
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Weissmann: GOP Playing 'Hear No Evil, See No Evil' Because They Don't Want To Find It (video clip)
January 21, 2020 — MSNBC
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