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PSL - Flammability: The Changing Landscape of FR Rules

February 19, 2013 • Webinar

The flammability of consumer products is a growing product safety concern. On one hand, fire safety officials worry about the proliferation of products contributing to growing fuel loads in homes. On the other, health and environmental activists worry about the effects of FR technologies. 

This tension is leading to a proliferation of sometimes divergent and contradictory regulatory efforts at the federal, state and international levels. 

To help you sort it out, Product Safety Letter on February 19 at 3pm EST brings you a one hour webinar. You will hear from three top-notch product safety experts who will help you get your bearings.

Cheryl Falvey is one of the presenters at this webinar.

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Cheryl A. Falvey
Partner – Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1.202.624.2675
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