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Privacy & Cybersecurity


Speeches & Presentations

  • "New Frontiers & New Media-Copyright In The Digital Age," Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (October 17, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Innovation in Games, Game Networks and Social Gaming," Building Blocks 2008 (August 6, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Cyber on the Hill: Congressional Initiatives and Oversight for Emerging Cybersecurity Issues," Crowell & Moring Security Roundtable (August 5, 2008). Speaker & Moderator: David Z. Bodenheimer.
  • "Fair Use: The Real State Of The Art," 2008 Consumer Electronics Emerging Technologies Summit (May 20, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Security Over The Wire", Athens International Forum on IT Security, Athens, Greece (Spring 2008). Keynote speaker: Christoph De Preter.
  • "Legal Issues Facing Social Media Companies," SNAP Summit 2.0 (March 25, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Web 2.0: The Emerging Law of Wiki, Blogs and Social Networks and Its Impact on Traditional Business and Entertainment," Media Summit 2008 (March 12, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "The Industry v. The Pirates: Where Does Free Access End and Piracy Begin?," New York State Bar Association Symposium on Global Internet Piracy (February 22, 2008). Presenter: Olivier N. Antoine.
  • "ISP Liability", annually invited speaker at the Free University of Brussels (2006, 2007, 2008). Speaker: Christoph De Preter.
  • "Next Generation P2P Music and Film - DRM, Paid for Pass- Along and Other Legal Distributed Computing Models and the Entertainment Industries," Digital Hollywood at CES (January 9, 2008). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Global Privacy Issues," Crowell & Moring's 2007 Healthcare Ounce of Prevention Seminar (HOOPS) (October 2007). Presenter: Gaela Bailey.
  • "Covering Your Assets: What You Need to Know About Copyrights and Trademarks," National Association of Bar Executives, Communications Section Workshop – Philadelphia (October 12, 2007). Speaker: John I. Stewart, Jr.
  • "E-Discovery and Privacy Issues," International Association of Privacy Professionals, Human Resources and International Working Groups, Washington, D.C. (March 9, 2007). Panel Presenter: Jeane A. Thomas.
  • "Legal Issues Affecting Creation and Implementation of DRM Systems," 2007 Game Developers Conference (March 9, 2007). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Issues in Internet Law - Overview of MediaX Intellectual Property Exchange Project," Stanford University MediaX Meeting (July 27, 2006). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "IT Homeland Security Risks & Opportunities: Technology, Privacy & Cybersecurity," BNA 4th Annual Homeland Security Contracting Opportunities Conference, Washington, DC (May 2006). Presenter: David Z. Bodenheimer.
  • "Privacy & Cybersecurity Dilemma in Balancing the Homeland Security Mission to Gather & Share Information," BNA 3rd Annual Homeland Security Contracting Opportunities Conference, Arlington, VA (May 2005). Presenter: David Z. Bodenheimer.
  • "Creating and Receiving Value for Your Secrets," Trade Secrets Law Seminar - Washington, DC (October 2004). Speaker: John I. Stewart, Jr.
  • "Copyrights in the Aftermath of Napster," CLE International (February 6, 2004). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Legal Aspects of Digital Rights Management," Winter L-Sec Workshop on digital rights management, Leuven, Belgium (2003). Panelist: Christoph De Preter.