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The 24 Firms GCs Love the Most
June 28, 2016 — Law360

Crowell Reaps Benefits of Cost Management Technology, Sees 11% PPP Growth
February 10, 2015 — National Law Journal

The National Law Journal speaks with Crowell & Moring chairman and Washington, D.C.-based partner, Kent A. Gardiner, about the growth and progression the firm has made in 2014. By investing in technological advances and an industry-wide recovery, Crowell & Moring reported increases in almost all of the firm's financial metrics last year. "It's partly about us and partly about the industry," said Gardiner. "We seem to be discernibly getting past the recession. We’re not in some big bounce or big rebound, but there’s solid growth at the top of the legal market." In addition to the aforementioned advancements, the firm's legal project management program, which relies on fee plans other than the billable hour, continues to help the firm retain current clients and attract new ones as well.

Featured Professionals: Kent A. Gardiner

Q&A: Crowell & Moring's Daniel Sasse
January 6, 2015 — Global Competition Review

Head of the firm's Orange County office and partner in the firm's Antitrust Group, Daniel A. Sasse, takes part in Global Competition Review's Q&A series, and shares his views on the most compelling issues facing the competition bar both in the U.S. and abroad. Sasse touches on a number of questions ranging from what antitrust cases he is following closely, to whom he admires most in the antitrust community. When asked about which issue in antitrust he finds most interesting right now, Sasse stated, "The ability of U.S. companies to pursue damages from foreign suppliers for price-fixing on products sold in the U.S. is probably at the top of the list for those of us who spend a significant amount of our time litigating cartel cases."

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Featured Professionals: Daniel A. Sasse

Steering Through Rough Waters
December 2014 — American Lawyer

Crowell & Moring chairman and Washington, D.C.-based partner, Kent A. Gardiner, shares his thoughts about American Lawyer’s 12th annual "Law Firm Leaders Survey." The results from the survey show that law firm leaders expressed optimism as they were constantly tweaking their practices, technology platforms, and staffing mixes to better position themselves in an ever more competitive environment. When Gardiner was asked about where the growth will be in the legal industry, he responded, "…we are seeing more deal flow," as "this increase in demand is taking place amid pricing challenges and challenges to be more innovative in the delivery of legal services."

Featured Professionals: Kent A. Gardiner

5 Tips For Getting New Lawyers Trial-Ready
October 9, 2014 — Law360

San Francisco-based partner and co-chair of the firm's Litigation Group, Gregory D. Call, discusses with Law360 the importance of preparing lawyers for trial, and the ways Crowell & Moring is able to provide this crucial experience, given that the percentage of federal court cases being resolved through trial has plummeted to less than two percent. To help prepare attorneys, Crowell & Moring conducts a one-week trial academy at which young attorneys across the firm are brought together to work with experienced trial lawyers and play different roles in a mock trial. "The young attorneys participate in direct and cross-examinations, openings, closings, voir dire and all the things that happen at trial," Call said. "It's valuable for lawyers to get an opportunity to stand up and do a cross-examination, and then hear what people think about what they did well and what they could have done better." Continuing to drive home the importance of trial readiness, Call adds, "By having a real role on a case, associates can see how what they are doing is relevant to the outcome of a possible trial, and when a trial happens, they are part of it."

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Featured Professionals: Gregory D. Call

Des Stratégies Variées
May 29, 2014 — Trends Magazine

Crowell & Moring's Brussels-based partner, Thomas De Messe, is featured in an article citing recent growth of Anglo-Saxon law firms is surprising. The article reports that many of these firms are not satisfied to accompany their international customers and to develop their practice in European law, but are interested more and more in the Belgian market. De Messe confirms this, stating, "Our local anchoring offers us greater flexibility and less dependence on the international network."  

Featured Professionals: Thomas De Meese

5 Tips For Delivering An Effective Direct-Examination
April 28, 2014 — Law360

San Francisco-based partner and co-chair of the firm's Litigation Group, Greg Call, shares best practices for delivering effective direct examinations at trial. Based on his extensive experience in the courtroom, Call offers strategic tactics for engaging with jurors. Among other notable advice, Call suggests, "If you get the reputation that you do your job and do it quickly, jurors are likely to pay attention to what your witnesses say. You don't want jurors thinking, 'This is going to take forever,' every time you call a witness. You want to earn the reputation of the lawyer who gets to the point."

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Featured Professionals: Gregory D. Call

5 Tips for Out-of-Towners Litigating in California
May 8, 2013 — California Law360

Greg Call, co-chair of Crowell & Moring's Litigation Group and head of the San Francisco office, gives specific advice about the need for attorneys to plan their strategies early when handling cases in California given the state's 75-day notice period for bringing a summary judgment motion. Call's advice is one of the five tips highlighted in this article.

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Featured Professionals: Gregory D. Call

Budget Fallout For Courts 'Unprecedented,' Judges Warn
March 12, 2013 — Law360

Co-chair of Crowell & Moring's Litigation & Trial Group, and head of the firm's San Francisco office, Greg Call discusses how the significant cuts at the California state court level impact attorneys' decisions to take cases to federal courts.

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Featured Professionals: Gregory D. Call

Europe Inc. Takes Aim at Price-Fixers
October 22, 2009 — BusinessWeek
Crowell & Moring LLP’s Recovery Group is featured in a BusinessWeek story about a new push by companies to pursue damages for price-fixing in Europe. The story focuses on antitrust regulators around the globe who have, more recently, been pursuing price fixers. According to the story, “while businesses victimized by such actions have long pursued compensation in the U.S., they've rarely done so in Europe.” Crowell & Moring’s work in this area is highlighted in the story.

Competition: Collective Redress: Commission to Distance Itself from US Model
April 9, 2008 — EUROPOLITICS
Crowell & Moring Brussels office partner Thomas de Meese is featured in EUROPOLITICS for his comments on whether Europe can create its own system of collective redress. On April 3, 2008, the European Commission issued a White Paper on preliminary proposals for a new European basis for collective damages claims.

Featured Professionals: Thomas De Meese