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Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences


Speeches & Presentations

  • "Competition law, patent strategies and patent settlements," ERA - Biennial Conference on European Pharmaceutical Law, Brussels (Belgium) (April 15-16, 2010). Presenter: Sean-Paul Brankin.
  • "The pharmaceutical sector inquiry," Seminar De Clerq Brants & Partners "Patenting life sciences in 2009: A system in (di)stress or a time of opportunities," Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium (November 27, 2009). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • "Application of patent litigation strategies to biosimilars: is there a difference?," Informa Life Sciences' 6th Annual Biosimilars Conference, Berlin, Germany (November 18-19, 2009). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • "Summary of Microbial Commercial Activity Notice Requirements under TSCA," Chemical Notification World Summit 2009, Arlington, VA (September 15, 2009). Presenter: Michael Boucher.
  • "Chemical Management Update: USA, Canada, and California," Chemical Daily Co., Ltd.: Toward TSCA Amendment, Tokyo, Japan (September 14, 2009). Presenter: Michael Boucher.
  • EC Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry Lunch Seminar, Final Report, Brussels, Belgium (July 14, 2009). Co-Presenters: Sean-Paul Brankin and Dominik Schnichels.
  • "After the Data Call-Ins: Possible Next Steps in the Regulation of Chemical Nanotechnology," Nanomaterial Data Call-ins and their Regulatory and Enforcement Implications, Washington, D.C. (April 15, 2009). Presenter: Michael Boucher.
  • "Litigation Based on Patent Linkage in Different Member States," Drug Information Association (DIA) 21st Annual EuroMeeting, Berlin, Germany (March 23-25, 2009). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • "Better Patents, Better Medicines," 5th European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) Legal Affairs Forum, Munich, Germany (March 12-13, 2009). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • "Intellectual Property Related Barriers to Market Entry for Generic Medicines, an Evaluation for EU and Turkey," Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations of Turkey (iEiS) seminar, Ankara, Turkey (March 3, 2009). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • EC Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry Lunch Seminar, Interim Report, Brussels, Belgium (December 5, 2008). Co-Presenters: Sean-Paul Brankin and Dominik Schnichels.
  • "Regulation of Claims for Antimicrobial Consumer Products," IntertechPira Antimicrobials in Consumer Applications Conference, Tampa, FL (November 17, 2008). Presenter: Michael Boucher.
  • "Pharmaceutical patent litigation: an overview," Legal Strategies for Developing Generic Medicines, Amsterdam (July 10-11, 2007). Presenter: Kristof Roox.
  • "Strategies for Securing National Contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements and Overview of the 'Big Four' and Their Pharmaceutical-Related Programs," Big Four Pharmaceutical Pricing Boot Camp, New York, NY (May 22, 2007). Speaker: David C. Hammond.
  • "Trade Dress Protection and Pharmaceutical Products," FDA Boot Camp - American Conference Institute (March 27, 2006). Speaker: Dickerson M. Downing.
  • "340B Inpatient Drug Discounts: A Status Report," The 340B Coalition Ninth Annual Conference, Washington, DC (July 10, 2005). Speaker: David C. Hammond.
  • "The New Best Price Exemption for Inpatient Pharmaceuticals: Lessons Learned from a Limited Free Market Attempt to Change a Price-Controlled Market," The Eighth Annual 340B Coalition Conference, Washington, DC (July 13, 2004). Speaker: David C. Hammond.
  • "Ask the Experts (Panelist)," Opportunities and Challenges Under Medicare Rx Reform, hosted by the Public Hospital Pharmacy Coalition, Washington, DC (February 27, 2004). Speaker: David C. Hammond.