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Mass Tort, Product, and Consumer Litigation


Speeches & Presentations

  • "Hiring the Right Regional Counsel," 23rd Annual Conference on Drug & Medical Device Litigation, New York, NY (November 30, 2018). Speaker: Andrew Kaplan.
  • "Cataclysmic Change or Business as Usual: Product Regulation in the Trump Administration," Product Liability Advisory Council Webinar (October 25, 2018). Speakers: Cheryl A. Falvey, John Fuson, and Peter B. Miller.
  • "CPSC, Health Canada, and Litigation Update," AHAM 2018 Product Safety & Liability Seminar, Washington, D.C. (September 18, 2018). Speaker: Matthew Cohen.
  • “ICPHSO and Product Safety: A Travel Through Time,” 2018 ICPHSO Annual Meeting & Training Symposium, Orlando, FL (February 21, 2018). Presenter: Matthew Cohen.
  • "Toxic Torts: Protecting Your Product and Your Company," Southern Aerosol Technical Association, 37th Annual Fall Meeting, Hilton Head, South Carolina (September 22, 2017). Presenter: Clifford J. Zatz.
  • "Turf Wars: Science vs Fear, A Field of Dreams or a Real Nightmare," Webinar (July 27, 2017). Presenters: Cheryl A. Falvey and William L. Anderson.
  • "Legal Risks Associated with LD and WHAIs," Legionnaires’ Disease: The Science, Legal Risk and Management Conference, Yorba Linda, CA (May 9, 2017). Presenter: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "California’s Proposition 65," Annual SFIA Legal Task Force Litigation & Risk Management Summit, Chicago, IL (April 27, 2017). Presenter: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "The Safety Agencies in Transition – What to Expect at FDA, CPSC, and NHTSA in the First 100 Days," Crowell & Moring Webinar (March 30, 2017). Presenters: Cheryl A. Falvey, John Fuson, Matthew Cohen, Scott L. Winkelman, Lauren Bell, Daniel T. Campbell, and Rebecca Baden Chaney.
  • "Defeating the 'Reptile' in a Deeply Divided Nation," The Sports and Fitness Lawyers Team Presents: Zone Defense, Las Vegas, NV (February 7, 2017). Moderator: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "Turf Wars: The Growing Attack on Synthetic Turf Crumb Rubber," Webinar (September 7, 2016). Presenters: William L. Anderson and Dr. Salomé Cisnal de Ugarte.
  • "Breaking Developments in the Regulation of Textile Chemicals," Webinar (June 28, 2016). Presenters: Warren Lehrenbaum and Natalia R. Medley.
  • "American Horror Stories…W-D Liability in Product Recalls," National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors Billion Dollar CLO Roundtable, Chicago, IL (May 4, 2016). Presenters: Cheryl A. Falvey and Natalia R. Medley.
  • “Nanotechnology Liability Issues – Dante’s Inferno or 'The Nine Circles of Suffering,’” 2016 EECMA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL (April 8, 2016). Presenter: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) - A View From the Top," SFIA Product Liability & Risk Management Summit, New Orleans, LA (February 2, 2016). Moderator: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "A Glimpse Into C-Level Strategic Approaches," SFIA Product Liability & Risk Management Summit, New Orleans, LA (February 2, 2016). Moderator: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "Keeping Up With the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): Current Expectation & Trends," SFIA Product Liability & Risk Management Summit, New Orleans, LA (February 1, 2016). Presenter: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "OSHA Compliance: What You Need to Know - Now!" Webinar, New York, NY (November 10, 2015). Presenter: Kevin C. Mayer.
  • "Impact of False Ad & Labeling Claims Litigation on Retailers," RILA Retail Law Conference, San Antonio, Texas (October 29, 2015). Presenters: Christopher A. Cole and Jennifer S. Romano.
  • "It’s All Connected: Minimizing Litigation and Regulatory Risk on the Internet of Things," 27th Annual All Hands Meeting, Santa Clara, CA (October 28-29, 2015). Presenters: Cheryl A. Falvey and Gregory D. Call.