Background - Practices (Details)

Export Controls and Sanctions


Representative Engagements

  • Conduct due diligence for U.S. private equity firm targeting mid-size manufacturing companies. Due diligence includes sanctions, export controls, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption/anti-bribery, consumer protection, data privacy, imports/NAFTA/Free Trade Agreements, and Food and Drug Administration. Targets have included entities with manufacturing facilities and suppliers in Latin America. 
  • Representing U.S. and European businesses engaged in exports or trade with Venezuela that now are engaging in due diligence to ensure that payments for their goods and services are permissible in light of U.S. sanctions targeting the Government and recent indictments of PdVSA personnel relating to corruption schemes. 
  • Represent multiple companies exploring entering the Cuban market from the U.S. and Cuba law perspectives. The primary focus, in addition to U.S. sanctions compliance, are Cuban import and foreign investment rules, and U.S. import and customs laws and regulations.
  • Represent U.S. information and legal services company in negotiations with the Cuban government to digitize and publish Cuban laws, regulations, and judicial decisions, including engagement with the U.S. Departments of State, Treasury, and Commerce to ensure compliance with shifting U.S. sanctions and export controls on Cuba.