Background - Practices (Details)

Anti-Money Laundering


We help multinational financial institutions navigate the legal, business, and regulatory anti-money laundering (AML) requirements that arise under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and other applicable Federal and state laws, as well as the many regulators that have a role in enforcing AML requirements. We work with clients to conduct AML risk assessments, implement appropriate risk-based compliance programs, review the effectiveness of these programs, address discrepancies that arise between financial transparency and data privacy, seek administrative rulings from appropriate regulators, file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), draft self-disclosures, and provide training on AML laws and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures. We also work with industry groups, including traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, to develop AML best practices. Increasingly, our clients include those interested in cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, and fintech innovations.  As a result, we partner closely with our colleagues who specialize in data privacy and cybersecurity, and corporate and SEC law.