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Media Mentions

UK Regulators Probe For Cyber Incident Recovery Plans
July 6, 2018 — The Wall Street Journal
Featured Professionals: Paul M. Rosen

U.S. Sues Barclays For Fraud Over Crisis-Era-Mortgage-Backed Loans
December 23, 2016 — Financial Times
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Featured Professionals: Glen G. McGorty

U.S. Sues Barclays For Alleged Mortgage Securities Fraud
December 23, 2016 — USA TODAY
Featured Professionals: Glen G. McGorty

Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse Agree Multi-Billion-Dollar Settlements With US
December 23, 2016 — The Guardian
Featured Professionals: Glen G. McGorty

Deutsche and Credit Suisse Pay $12.5bn To Settle US Toxic Mortgage Claims As Barlcays Heads To Court
December 23, 2016 — The Telegraph
Featured Professionals: Glen G. McGorty

US Sues Barclays Over Pre-Crisis Mortgage Securities
December 22, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Glen G. McGorty

FinCEN Advisory on Cybercrime Could Precede Monetary Penalties: Sources
November 11, 2016 —
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Featured Professionals: Carlton Greene

New York Accuses Chinese Bank of Intentionally Violating AML and Sanctions Rules
November 4, 2016 —
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Featured Professionals: Carlton Greene

GIR 100 2016
September 23, 2016 — Global Investigations Review-GIR 100

Washington DC's FCPA Bar: Crowell & Moring
August 16, 2016 — GIR - Global Investigations Review

The 24 Firms GCs Love the Most
June 28, 2016 — Law360

4 Tips for Waging Scope Fights at Commerce
March 4, 2016 — Law360
Featured Professionals: Daniel Cannistra

Contending with Federal Investigations
October 20, 2015 — Federal News Radio, WFED 1500
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Lawyers Weigh in on DOJ’s Newman Appeal to High Court
July 30, 2015 — Law360

Daniel L. Zelenko, a New York-based partner in the firm’s White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group, is quoted in Law360 discussing the significance of the U.S. Department of Justice's petition to have the U.S. Supreme Court overturn the ruling on U.S. v. Newman et al. Zelenko said, "The appeal demonstrates how vital this issue is to the prosecution of future insider trading cases in 2015 and beyond…the stakes are very high and you can bet there was vigorous debate at the Department of Justice before pursuing this appeal, which is never done without serious consideration of all of the ramifications."

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Featured Professionals: Daniel L. Zelenko

DCMA Instructions Call For Risk-Based Approach
July 28, 2015 — Bloomberg BNA
Peter Eyre, a Washington, D.C. partner in Crowell & Moring's Government Contracts Group, discusses the implications of the Defense Contract Management Agency's (DCMA) recently issued instructions to oversee contractors' efforts to exclude counterfeit electronic parts from their supply chains. Eyre says that the DCMA instruction "answers some questions but raises others."
Featured Professionals: Peter Eyre

Trafficking Rule Raises Subcontractor Monitoring Concerns
January 28, 2015 — Law360

Washington, D.C.-based Government Contacts Group partner, Peter Eyre, talks to Law360 regarding a final rule that will tighten restrictions on human trafficking in government contracting. Under its requirements, all contractors must disclose working conditions to employees, are barred from confiscating passports or other immigration documents, must ensure that workers aren't being charged any recruitment fees, and must provide the worker with return transportation for non-nationals. "I think another big question is: 'Who pays for this?'" Eyre said. "There are some very specific obligations, both the compliance plan ... and others. But who is going to pay for that?"

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Featured Professionals: Peter Eyre

Life Sciences Cases to Watch In 2015
January 2, 2015 — Law360

Washington, D.C.-based partners, Terry Rea, of Crowell & Moring's Intellectual Property Group, and Keith J. Harrison, of the firm's Labor & Employment and Litigation groups, weigh in on two important cases in the life sciences arena. Harrison discusses Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.'s challenge of a California appellate decision that a generic-drug manufacturer can be held liable for failing to warn consumers of the side effects listed on the equivalent brand-name drug, which may potentially be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. "This is going to be a case that is going to further define the scope of federal preemption," Harrison said. Additionally, Rea talks about the Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC suit, which argues that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board uses the incorrect standard during America Invents Act (AIA) proceedings, making it difficult for inventors to retain their patents. "Everybody is going to be very, very careful how they handle this [case]," Rea said of the suit, which may upend new IPR standards.

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Featured Professionals: Keith J. Harrison, Terry Rea

Government Contracts Legislation and Regulation to Watch In 2015
January 2, 2015 — Law360

Washington, D.C.-based Government Contracts partner, Peter Eyre, discusses the potential impact of executive orders on the government contracts industry, including a 2012 order that will recruit federal contractors in U.S. efforts to fight labor trafficking at home and abroad. "That proposal came out months ago. That is now, as far as we can tell, ready to come out in final form. Because of the compliance requirements of that rule, it's something that will get a lot of attention," Eyre said.

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Featured Professionals: Peter Eyre