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International Trade


Speeches & Presentations

  • "Taking Advantage of the MTB: Reducing Tariffs Through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Process," ICPA Summer Conference, Orlando, FL (July 27, 2021). Speaker: John B. Brew.
  • "The Power of Travel – Driving the Nation’s Recovery," Global Initiatives Council (June 16, 2021). Host: Nicole Janigian Simonian.
  • "National Security: Strengthening Alliances and Global Engagement with Continued Focus on Foreign Adversaries and Emerging Technologies," OOPS 2021, Crowell & Moring's 37th Annual Ounce of Prevention Seminar (May 13, 2021). Presenter: Michael K. Atkinson, Caroline E. Brown, Adelicia R. Cliffe, Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro, and Paul M. Rosen.
  • "US Sanctions Policy-What’s Happened, and What Can We Expect from the Biden Administration?" ACAMS New York Chapter Webinar (May 13, 2021). Speaker: Nicole Sayegh Succar.
  • "The 50% Rule, Indirect Sanctions Exposure & Risk Screening: Keeping up with Regulatory Expectations and Industry Best Practices," Kharon & KPMG Webinar (May 6, 2021). Speaker: Nicole Sayegh Succar.
  • "First Global Webinar: Journals on Customs," Customs Practitioners Association (April 29, 2021). Presenter: Jeffrey L. Snyder.
  • "Anti-Corruption & Sanctions Investigations," Investigations: Readiness and Response Webinar Series (April 29, 2021). Presenters: Nimrod Haim Aviad, Thomas A. Hanusik, Michelle J. Linderman, Warrington Parker, and Robert Clifton Burns.
  • "MODULE 2, Part I: Foreign, Dual and Third Country Nationals, and Technology Transfers," ITAR Workshop for ACI (April 13, 2021). Lecturer: Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro.
  • "Panel Discussion," Recent Progress and Persistent Challenges in IP in the Indo-Pacific Region: An Update from the IP Commission (March 29, 2021). Panelist: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "Forced Labor Enforcement by CBP: What We Know and What’s Coming," International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) Spring Conference (March 29, 2021). Speaker: John B. Brew.
  • "Team Telecom 2.0: Examining the New Team Telecom Environment in the Aftermath of Executive Order 13913 and A Deep Dive into the FCC’s Recent Implementation Guidelines," American Conference Institute National Forum on Team Telecom (March 17, 2021). Presenter: Caroline E. Brown.
  • "Navigating Trade Agreements: Legal Considerations For Your Business Customs Compliance," Mondaq Webinar (March 6, 2021). Panelist: Maria Vanikiotis.
  • "China’s New Blocking Rules," Wolters Kluwer Webinar (March 4, 2021). Presenter: Zhiwei Chen.
  • "TDI Yearly 2020 – Key Developments in the EU’s Trade Defence Policy of the Past Year," Institute for European Studies Webinar (February 19, 2021). Speaker: Lorenzo Di Masi.
  • "Navigating a Changing Global Trade Landscape: What Lies Ahead in 2021," Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Webinar (February 17, 2021). Panelist: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "International Trade in 2021: What’s Ahead," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 17, 2021). Presenters: Vassilis Akritidis, Caroline E. Brown, Michelle J. Linderman, Joshua Pond, Nicole Janigian Simonian, David R. Stepp, Robert Clifton Burns, Carina C. Federico, Jackson C. Pai, Nicole Sayegh Succar, Michael Bowen, Chandler S. Leonard, Brian McGrath, Nimrah Najeeb, and Joshua Boswell.
  • "U.S. Trade Policy in the Biden Era," NBR's Reshaping Indo-Pacific Trade Relations through Renewed American Engagement (February 9, 2021). Panelist: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "Trade & Environmental Sustainability," Washington International Trade Association’s 2021 Washington International Trade Conference (February 8, 2021). Speaker: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "A Conversation with Ambassador Robert Holleyman," U.S. Chamber of Commerce Webinar (February 2, 2021). Speaker: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "Is Relief from the Trade Wars in Sight?" Sports & Fitness Industry Association Webinar (January 26, 2021). Speakers: John B. Brew, Evan Y. Chuck, and Vassilis Akritidis.