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Global Investment Strategy


Strategic Counseling for International Investors

Companies that operate internationally face an increasingly complex business environment in large part because of uncertainty created by governments. Whether because of their underlying political and legal conditions, their economic policies, or their foreign policy and national security priorities, governments are affecting markets in more ways and to a greater extent than they have in the past. To combat this uncertainty, global companies need to do more than overcome the traditional business challenges. They also need to address the regulatory, policy, and geopolitical risks that governments create for them.

Crowell & Moring and its affiliated international policy and regulatory affairs consulting firm, C&M International, offer a global investment strategy practice to help internationally engaged companies understand and manage this uncertainty. By combining the experience and capabilities of international trade and arbitration lawyers with those of former business executives, diplomats, and trade and investment negotiators, we provide cross-border investors with legal and public policy strategies to resolve their international business problems. Our services include the following:

  • Legal counseling: We advise companies on using bilateral investment treaties (BITs), free trade agreements (FTAs), and other international agreements to gain access to markets and protect their rights.
  • Political and regulatory risk analysis: We help companies evaluate threshold political and regulatory risks, so that they have perspective on markets before they enter them.
  • Government relations strategies: We draw on our longstanding relationships with senior-level decision makers in governments and international organizations around the world to solve international business problems.
  • Policy advisory and advocacy services: We help companies understand how trends in international economic policy affect their business objectives and influence the development of international rules and policies in their favor.
  • Crisis management: We help companies navigate unexpected and urgent developments that threaten their international investment plans.
  • International dispute settlement: We represent companies in enforcing their rights through investor-state arbitration and other forms of international dispute settlement.

Companies that invest internationally need more than just lawyers or consultants, or lobbyists. They need strategic partners, trusted advisors who can relate their business objectives to the risks and opportunities posed by foreign markets. By seamlessly blending the capabilities and knowledge of a major law firm and an international consultancy, Crowell & Moring and C&M International are uniquely positioned to play precisely that role.