Background - Practices (Details)

International Litigation


Representative Matters

  • Represented a State-owned bank in a suit against U.S. bank alleging, inter alia, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. Banco de la República de Colombia v. The Bank of New York Mellon et al., No. 601212/2009 (N.Y. Sup.)
  • Secured $6 billion judgment on behalf of the estates and family members of seven U.S. nationals that perished and the U.S. owner of the aircraft that was destroyed in the bombing of UTA Flight 772. (Pugh v. Libya, Case No. 02-2026 (D.D.C.))
  • Represented airport authority in claims arising out of collapse of airport terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris; also represented airport authority and airline in wrongful death litigation in the U.S. arising from collapse resulting in successful settlement of claims asserted on behalf of United States and Lebanese residents. (Jaoude et al. v. Air France KLM et al., Case No. 06-2465 (JG) (E.D.N.Y.))
  • Represented the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in a dispute between the Jordanian Royal Family and the Assad Family of Syria. (In re B-727 Aircraft Serial No. 21010, et al. and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan v. Layale Enterprises, S.A., Case No. 00-11018 (5th Cir.))
  • Won appeal in D.C. Circuit involving the FSIA jurisdiction under the "commercial activity" exception in suit against Republic of Congo; represented an international energy development firm in an oil production dispute with the Republic of the Congo. (Gulf Resources America, Inc. v. Republic of Congo, Case No. 03-7118 (D.C. Cir.))
  • Secured more than $41 million in compensatory damages and $300 million in punitive damages for journalist Terry Anderson resulting from his March 1985 kidnapping and nearly seven years of being held hostage in Lebanon by agents of Iran. (Anderson v. Iran, Case No. 99-00698 (D.D.C.))
  • Successfully defended products liability claims against US manufacturer by plaintiffs residing in Scotland, England, and New Zealand in Delaware state court. (Bowen v. E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., 2005 WL 1952859 (Del. Super. Ct., June 23, 2005), aff’d., 906 A.2d 787 (Del. 2006))
  • Secured more than $53 million in compensatory damages and $300 million in punitive damages for Thomas M. Sutherland resulting from his June 1985 kidnapping and his six and one-half years of being held hostage in Lebanon by agents of Iran. (Sutherland v. Iran Case No. 99-03279 (D.D.C.))
  • Handled FTCA claim against U.S. government in D.C. federal court related to wrongful death caused by U.S. State Department employee in Africa. (Fair-Gray v. United States, Case No. 03-01372 (D.D.C.))
  • Utilized the ATCA as a jurisdictional tool for foreign plaintiffs in a victims of terrorism case against Libya. (Patel v. Iran, Case No. 06-00626 (D.D.C.))
  • Represented French manufacturer of helicopters in all cases east of the Mississippi and Canada including crash of Super Puma in Brunei which resulted in claims in France, Brunei and the U.S. (Williamson v. Eurocopter, AMPEP et al., Case No. 98-0529 (S.D. TX.))
  • Pursued libel claim on behalf private citizen against a Swiss company, widely reported to have an extensive business relationship with Gulnora Karimova (the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan), for deliberately posting false statements on the Internet to harm the family and its international businesses. (Maqsudi, et al. v. Global Options, Inc., et al., Case No. 07-01252 (D.D.C.))
  • Secured substantial judgments on behalf of U.S. and foreign victims of terrorism in claims against Iran and Libya. (See supra, e.g., Anderson v. Iran, Sutherland v. Iran, Patel v. Iran, Dammarell v. Iran)
  • Pursued assets seized illegally by the Uzbekistan government and sold to U.S. entity and transferred to Swiss alter-ego in attempt to evade the law. (Roz Trading Ltd., et al. v. Zeromax Group, et al., Case No. 06-01040 (D.D.C.))
  • Successfully converted $24 million foreign judgment of shipping company against Yugoslavian bank into U.S. judgment and represented shipping company in enforcement of judgment including dealing with OFAC provisions and attempts by Yugoslavian bank to transfer assets from the United States in U.S. Bankruptcy Court ancillary proceeding. (Ali Shipping Corp. v. Jugobanka D.D. Beograd et al., Supreme Court of N.Y., Case No. 122545/96)