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Intellectual Property Litigation



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    Crowell & Moring Intellectual Property Group partners’ Scott Feldmann and Jeffrey Sanok, also co-chair of the firm’s IP Group, give tips on winning patent litigation cases in the state of Texas.

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    Crowell & Moring Antitrust Group partner Robert A. Lipstein and counsel Ryan A. Tisch write about the per se condemnation of minimum resale price maintenance (RPM) in Antitrust cases. The article was based on the oral argument heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26, 2007 in Leegin Creative Leather Products Inc. v. PSKS Inc., a case which asks the Court to decide whether to overturn its nearly century-old per se condemnation of minimum RPM.

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    Crowell & Moring partners Jeffrey H. Howard, Dr. Werner Berg and David Schnorrenberg write about the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to overturn the general rule in the eBay v. MercExchange case in May of 2006. The courts have applied the new rule to seven cases since 2006.

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    Crowell & Moring partner and head of the Brussels office Intellectual Property Group Kristof Roox writes about the European Commission’s public hearing on the future of patent policy in Europe.

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    Antitrust partners Jeffrey H. Howard, David M. Schnorrenberg and Jeffrey Blumenfeld write about 10 IP-antitrust cases pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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