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"Cartel Enforcement, Leniency and Settlement", IBC Advanced Competition Law Event

April 22 - 23, 2009 • London, England

Leading EC competition law experts from a diverse background have been assembled to discuss and analyze critical developments and practical challenges.

Through provocative, relevant and timely debates and information sharing, this high-level conference will provide you with a thorough update and crucial practical tools to master legal complexities and carve out essential business opportunities.

Conference highlights:

  • Review developments and policy issues over the past year and their practical emphasis
  • Hear the latest on cartel enforcement, leniency and settlements
  • Examine sector inquiries
  • Debate state aid in times of financial crisis
  • Explore recent merger cases from a legal and economic perspective
  • Analyze antitrust enforcement
  • Discuss Article 82 priorities and developments
  • Debate the Commission's guidelines on Article 82
  • Refresh your knowledge by embracing in-depth analysis and expert commentary on key issues
  • Get to grips with the Commission’s policies and priorities
  • Expand your understanding of the IP and antitrust interface

Sean-Paul Brankin is a panelist at this event.

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