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BNA's Fall Patent Litigation Conference

October 6, 2008 • Arlington, VA

Changes in patent law generally occur more slowly than changes in technology. As lawyers, we must continually adapt today’s laws to protect tomorrow’s technology. However, several Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions over the last eighteen months have changed the rules for patent litigation. To be successful as a litigator, you will need to rethink your strategies when approaching questions of:

  • Overcoming the Obviousness Rejection for Combined Elements – KSR Eighteen Months Later
  • Exhaustion of Patent Rights by Licensor - In Re Quanta
  • Scope of Subject Matter Patentability under Section 101 – In Re Bilski
  • Routine Addition of Modern Electronics to an Otherwise Unpatentable Invention Typically Creates a prima facie Case of Obviousness – In Re Comiskey
  • Patent Licensee’s Right to Seek Invalidation of Patent While Retaining the Protection of the License – MedImmune and SanDisk
  • New Reckless Disregard Standard for Willfulness, Can the Standard Be Met and Are Opinions Still Needed? – In Re Seagate

Teresa Rea is speaking at this conference on Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction After Medimmune and Sandisk.

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