Insurance / Reinsurance

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Speeches & Presentations

  • "Coverage in the Courts: Key 2017 Insurance Coverage Rulings," Environment & Emerging Claim Manager Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. (April 26, 2017). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Social Engineering: Explaining the Uptick in Events, Coverage Options, and Practical Solutions to Preventing Attacks," ACI - 15th Advanced Forum on Cyber & Data Risk Insurance, Chicago, IL (March 30, 2017). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations," Clear Law Institute Webinar (January 24, 2017). Speakers: Ellen MacDonald Farrell and Rachel P. Raphael.
  • "The Reality of the Restatement of Law, Liability Insurance," DRI Insurance Coverage and Practice Symposium (December 2016). Moderator: Laura Foggan.
  • "Overcoming Latest Challenges With Institutional Bad Faith Claims, including Institutional Bad Faith Discovery," American Conference Institute’s Insurance Coverage & Extra-Contractual Disputes Conference (December 1, 2016). Speaker: Laura Foggan.
  • "Statutory Damages: The Murky Void Between Compensation and Punishment," American Bar Association’s 2016 Women in Insurance Networking and CLE Workshop (October 20, 2016). Speaker: Laura Foggan.
  • "Coverage for 'Cyber' Risks – The Emerging Body of Case Law," ARIAS·U.S. Webinar (September 27, 2016). Speakers: Ellen MacDonald Farrell and Rachel P. Raphael.
  • "Dispute Resolution Clauses: Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation," Re Contracts: The Art of Designing Reinsurance Contracts and Programs, New York, NY (July 19, 2016). Presenter: Deirdre G. Johnson.
  • "Oral Arguments Inside Out," FDCC Annual Meeting (July 2016). Speaker: Laura Foggan.
  • "Coverage Masters: Mastering the Claims Investigation Process and Evaluating the Latest Hot and Emerging Coverage Issues," FDCC 2016 Annual Meeting (July 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Latest on Stacking, Viking Pump/Warren, Non-Cumulation and/or 'Other-Insurance' Clauses, and Anti-Stacking Provisions," ACI’s 3rd National Insurance Allocation (June 2016). Event Co-Chair: Laura Foggan.
  • "Legal Quick Hit Updates (Bellefonte)," AIRROC’s New York Regional Education Day, New York, NY (April 21, 2016). Presenter: Harry P. Cohen.
  • "Are You and Your Insurer Connecting on Cyber Risk?" Northeast Corporate Counsel Forum 2016 (April 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "2016 Update on ALI Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance and Other Key Developments," 2016 EECMA Annual Conference (April 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Cyber & Data Risk Insurance and Its Related Litigation Issues and Coverage Disputes," ACI’s 2016 Data Breach & Privacy Litigation and Enforcement Conference (March 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Hack That Thing: Physical Harms from Cyber Perils – Are They Covered?" ABA’s 2016 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar (March 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Are You and Your Insurer Connecting on Cyber Risk?" HB Compliance Conferences Webinar (February 2016). Panelist: Laura Foggan.
  • "The New Face of Insurance Litigation," ACCEC’s 2016 Insurance Law Symposium (January 2016). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Coverage Issues Arising from Cyber Security Breaches," DRI Insurance Coverage and Practice Symposium (December 2015). Presenter: Laura Foggan.
  • "Cyber Security and Cyber & Data Risk Insurance: The State of the Market and What Privacy and Compliance Officers and Attorneys Need to Consider During Data Breach Costs Assessments," ACI 17th Advanced Global Legal and Compliance Forum on Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Protection (October 2015). Leader: Laura Foggan.