Broker & Intermediary Disputes


Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending and prosecuting claims against insurance brokers, agents, and reinsurance intermediaries in state and federal courts, at the trial and appellate levels, and in arbitration proceedings. As a result, we are uniquely well positioned to advise not just insurance intermediaries and market makers but also to advise insurers about coverage claims arising out of broker behaviors.

Representative Engagements

  • Defended a wholesale insurance broker on malpractice claims asserted by fast food restaurant franchisees arising out of insurer's denial of coverage for business interruption losses sustained by franchisees following E. coli incident.
  • Defended a wholesale insurance broker on malpractice claims in separate actions relating to exclusions of coverage for property loss for air-train derailment during testing and commissioning, and denial of coverage relating to fire loss sustained following disabling of sprinkler systems at construction site.
  • Defended a commercial insurance broker on negligence, breach of contract and fraud claims relating to placement of loss portfolio transfer insurance in connection with acquisition of national trucking corporation.
  • Defended a commercial insurance broker on claims arising out of insurer's rescission of D&O insurance based on misrepresentations by corporation's CEO in application for insurance concerning prior claims experience, and alleged duty owed by broker to review and verify statements made in insured's application.
  • Defended marine insurance broker on claims alleging duties owed by broker to insurers to prepare marine "bumbershoot" insurance policy on behalf of insurers.
  • Represented marine insurance broker in coverage litigation between insured and insurer involving interpretation of cargo insurance policy provisions, and valuation of cargo shipped by insured pharmaceutical company.
  • Defended reinsurance intermediary on malpractice claims by cedent and reinsurer relating to transmittal of notification of claims and loss information to reinsurer, and construction and interpretation of terms and conditions of facultative reinsurance contract.