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Health Care

Speeches & Presentations

  • "Information Blocking—A Myth or a Menace?" The American Health Lawyers Association (May 8, 2017). Speaker: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "BLOCKCHAIN: Healthcare Applications, Legal Challenges and Moving Beyond the Hype Cycle," Blue Plan Legal Department Cooperative 2017 National Teleconference Series (May 3, 2017). Speaker: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "Healthcare Reform Under the Trump Administration: What We Expected, What We Got, and What's Next," 2017 CSHA Annual Meeting & Spring Seminar, Huntington Beach, CA (April 21, 2017). Presenters: Marisa E. Adelson and Gary Baldwin.
  • "Administration in Transition, the First 100 Days in Healthcare," Crowell & Moring Webinar (April 18, 2017). Presenters: A. Xavier Baker, Laura M. Kidd Cordova, Gary Baldwin, and Stephanie D. Willis.
  • Healthcare Law and Mediation, San Francisco, CA (March 24, 2017). Presenter: William A. Helvestine.
  • "Expectations of the DOJ," SCCE Boston Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference, Boston, MA (March 24, 2017). Presenter: Laura M. Kidd Cordova.
  • "Developments with the False Claims Act and Qui Tam Enforcement in Light of the Escobar Decision," ACI - 17th Annual Conference on Fraud and Abuse in the Sale and Marketing of Drugs, Devices, and Medical Technology, Boston, MA (March 6, 2017). Presenter: Laura M. Kidd Cordova.
  • "Practice Essentials for Aspiring and Young Physicians," AAPI Winter Medical Conference, Las Vegas, NV (February 12, 2017). Panelists: Harsh P. Parikh and Perri Melnick.
  • "New & Evolving IP Changes Impacting the Landscape," Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property and Strategic Collaborations, Rockville, MD (February 7, 2017). Presenters: John Fuson and Terry Rea.
  • "Evolving HIPAA Issues: Cloud, Mobile Apps, Access, and More," Webinar (January 31, 2017). Presenters: Elliot Golding and Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "Issues and Insights on Minority Health and the Trump Administration," Webinar (January 27, 2017). Moderator: Stephanie D. Willis.
  • "Trumpcare: A Boon or Bust to Digital Health Innovation?" W2O Group’s 3rd Annual Digital Health VIP Luncheon, San Francisco, CA (January 9, 2017). Panelist: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "#DigitalHealthUnplugged: How a Trump Administration Will Affect Digital Health," Digital Health Summit @ CES, Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2017). Speaker: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "Cross-Border Opportunities for Commerce, Public Health, and Research in Mobile Health and Connected Care," Canada-US Connected Health Workshop, Cross-Border Health Foundation, Washington, DC Moderator/Speaker: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "Trump Transition - Trump Transition: How's It Going to Work?" Crowell & Moring's First 100 Days Series, Webinar (December 1, 2016). Presenters: James G. Flood, W. Scott Douglas, Jodi G. Daniel, Robert A. Burton, and Carlton Greene.
  • "Risk Corridors Payment Recovery Opportunity," Crowell & Moring Webinar (November 30, 2016). Speakers: A. Xavier Baker, Christopher Flynn, and Stephen J. McBrady.
  • "Consumer Privacy Protection Update," Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel 28th Annual All Hands Meeting, Santa Clara, CA (November 16, 2016). Presenters: Jeffrey L. Poston and Kristin Madigan.
  • "HIPAA Update," Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel 28th Annual All Hands Meeting, Santa Clara, CA (November 16, 2016). Presenters: Jodi G. Daniel and Kristin Madigan.
  • "The Stark Law: Putting the Fundamentals to Work," AHLA's Fundamentals of Health Law, Chicago, IL (November 14, 2016). Presenter: Stephanie D. Willis.
  • "Trends in Antitrust and Healthcare Law," Los Angeles County Bar Association, Los Angeles, CA (November 10, 2016). Panelist: Joseph M. Miller.