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In the News Doctors Say Fraud And Abuse Law Needs Major Surgery Jul.31.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Recently Announced Reforms to False Claims Act Enforcement (July 2018) Jul.31.2018
Publications The 21st Century Cures Act And Electronic Health Records One Year Later: Will Patients See The Benefits? Jul.30.2018
In the News DOJ Memo Barring Reliance On Agency Guidance: Where Are We Now? Jul.25.2018
In the News Help Wanted: Medicare Looking For Health Tech Expert Jul.24.2018
In the News HHS: It's Time To Update Doctor Fraud Law (1) Jul.18.2018
Client Alerts Running with Scissors – and Association Health Plans Jul.13.2018
Publications New CMS Incentives for Remote Patient Monitoring and Patient Access Jul.13.2018
Client Alerts Amid Repeated Calls from Leadership, DOJ Exercises Its “Virtually Unfettered Discretion” to Dismiss “Weak” Qui Tam Action Jul.03.2018
In the News Electronic Health Records A Weapon In Opioid Abuse Fight Jul.03.2018
In the News Health-Care Fraud's Hammer: An Organized Crime Law Jun.27.2018
Presentations "Narrow and Tiered Provider Networks from a Legal and Data Analytics Perspective," AHLA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL Jun.25.2018
Presentations "Getting to Yes: Creating a Playbook for Innovation in Your Health System," AHLA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL Jun.24.2018
Client Alerts Department of Justice Leadership Previews Reforms to False Claims Act Enforcement: Significant Incentives for Cooperation and Strong Compliance Jun.22.2018
In the News Feds To Take Another Look At Physician Fraud Law Jun.22.2018
Publications Transforming the Patient-Provider Relationship: A Comprehensive Approach to Patient Access and Patient-Generated Health Data Jun.07.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Health Care Fraud (June 2018) Jun.05.2018
Publications How to Better Manage Discovery and Save Costs in the Era of Expanding Data June 2018
In the News How Pharmacists Can Be Political Advocates for the Profession May.22.2018
In the News The Challenges of Passing Provider Status Legislation May.22.2018