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What Our Clients Say

Crowell gives us great service. I find that Crowell & Moring lawyers are always engaging. You know they're good to talk to. They know a lot more than just our case. They know a lot of things around our case. I like that. I appreciate curiosity, and I try to be curious. I try to work about the edges, and they're always versatile in that respect. They're down to earth. So, I'm not talking to lawyers who have their nose in the air. They speak to us just peer to peer.

On billing practices, Crowell shows a fair amount of flexibility and that is very appreciated. We've done several different types of alternative fee arrangements, and I think they've all worked out well. And I believe Crowell staffs matters efficiently.

Ed Ryan
Retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Marriott International, Inc.

One thing I wish law firms understood more is our sensitivity to billing and charges that get passed on to us. Crowell is really outstanding in that regard. They're very sensitive to what our concerns are and work very closely with us to resolve them. Other firms that we've had issues with are not so sensitive to that, and it’s pretty interesting to see it on this side.

Michael Martinez
Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Marriott International, Inc.

Crowell & Moring treated us as if we were a giant company and partnered with us from start to finish.

Jim Pearson
President and CEO, SUFI

I attended every day of the five-week trial. Crowell & Moring's attorneys not only worked hard, but were terrific both in and out of the courtroom. What we formed was not an 'attorney-client relationship,' but a true, caring friendship.

Steve Myers, Jr.
Managing Director, SUFI

My experience with Crowell & Moring has been spectacular. They handled several matters, including several crisis matters, and while I had high hopes for the outcome, the results were even better than expected. The Crowell team was very smart, strategic, cost-effective and highly responsive. It was our very good fortune to have the Crowell lawyers on our side. It’s rare that a US Government lawyer will go out of his way to compliment opposing counsel, but that’s exactly what happened. The Assistant U.S. Attorney handling our case made a point of telling me that we had been very well served by our lawyers at Crowell and that, “if you read the DOJ USAO Handbook, Crowell’s representation and defense of MTS was textbook and a great example of how to achieve great results for clients.

Steven G. Mahon
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, MTS Systems Corporation

We rely on Crowell as a true partner helping us achieve our growth and other business goals. Their experience and knowledge of the marketplace for California technology companies better enable us to capitalize on new opportunities. Whether on legal issues such as complex transactions or litigation or other aspects of our business, they take our business interests to heart and view our success as their success.

Avi Katz
CEO, GigOptix