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Government Contracts

Speeches & Presentations

  • "Building a Border Wall: Opportunities, Contractual Risks, and Business Considerations," Crowell & Moring Webinar (April 25, 2017). Presenters: Angela B. Styles, Stephen J. McBrady, David J. Ginsberg. Trina Fairley Barlow, and Elizabeth Buehler.
  • "Independent Research & Development Costs: Updates, Risks, and Compliance — C&M's First 100 Days Series," Crowell & Moring Webinar (April 19, 2017). Presenters: Stephen J. McBrady and Skye Mathieson.
  • "False Claims Act Developments," HOOPS 2017, Crowell & Moring’s Health Care Ounce of Prevention Seminar, Hartford, CT (March 20, 2017). Presenters: Brian Tully McLaughlin and David W. O’Brien.
  • "New President, New Congress: Federal Industry Outlook in the Trump Era," Public Contracting Institute, Falls Church, VA (March 16, 2017). Panelist: Robert A. Burton.
  • "Not off the Hook: Corporate Monitoring After a Procurement Fraud or Suspension/ Debarment Matter." 23rd Annual Federal Procurement Institute, Annapolis, MD (March 16, 2017). Moderator: David B. Robbins.
  • "Fish or Cut Bait: Risks of Business Deals and Transactions with Government Contractors," ABA Federal Procurement Institute, Annapolis, MD (March 16, 2017). Moderator: Peter Eyre.
  • "The Trump Administration's Acquisition Policy Agenda," The Coalition for Government Procurement Webinar (March 15, 2017). Presenters: Robert A. Burton, Stephen J. McBrady, and Kate M. Growley.
  • 23rd Annual Federal Procurement Institute, ABA Section of Public Contract Law, Annapolis, MD (March 15-18, 2017). Program Co-Chairs: David B. Robbins and John E. McCarthy Jr.
  • "Recovery in Government Contracts," Crowell & Moring’s Third Annual In-House Recovery Conference, Dana Point, CA (March 9-10, 2017). Speakers: Stephen J. McBrady and Brian Tully McLaughlin.
  • "How the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 Wreaks Change on DoD Procurements," Crowell & Moring's First 100 Days Series Webinar (March 8, 2017). Presenters: Lorraine M. Campos, Terry L. Albertson, J. Chris Haile, and Elizabeth Buehler.
  • "What Will the New Year Bring: Issues and Developments for Government Contractors," Federal Publications Webinar, Washington, D.C. (February 2, 2017). Presenters: David B. Robbins, Robert A. Burton, Lorraine M. Campos, Stephen J. McBrady, Adelicia R. Cliffe, Skye Mathieson, and Olivia Lynch.
  • "What Will the New Year (and Administration) Bring for Government Contractors?" Crowell & Moring First 100 Days Webinar, Washington, D.C. (January 25, 2017). Presenters: Crowell & Moring Government Contracts Group.
  • "Independent Research & Development Costs: Updates, Risks, and Compliance," Client Webinar, Washington, D.C. (January 12, 2017). Panelists: Stephen J. McBrady and Skye Mathieson.
  • "Annual Government Contracts Review - FY 16/17: Fraud, Investigations, and Suspension & Debarment in Government Contracts," PubKLaw Webinar (December 15, 2016). Moderator: Peter Eyre; Panelists: David Robbins, Natalie Thingelstad.
  • "Roles of Internal and External Evaluators of Ethics & Compliance Programs," ABA Public Contract Law Section Ethics, Compliance, and Professional Responsibility Committee Event (December 8, 2016). Moderator: David Robbins; Panelists: Robert Meunier; Tom Caulifield; W. Dan Blalock; Normand Lussier.
  • "Trump Transition - Trump Transition: How's It Going to Work?" Crowell & Moring's First 100 Days Series, Webinar (December 1, 2016). Presenters: James G. Flood, W. Scott Douglas, Jodi G. Daniel, Robert A. Burton, and Carlton Greene.
  • "Risk Corridors Payment Recovery Opportunity," Crowell & Moring Webinar (November 30, 2016). Speakers: A. Xavier Baker, Christopher Flynn, and Stephen J. McBrady.
  • "The Incoming Administration's Acquisition Policy Focus: Analysis & Commentary," 2016 Fall Training Conference, The Coalition for Government Procurement, Washington, D.C. (November 17, 2016). Presenters: Robert A. Burton, Stephen J. McBrady, and Kate M. Growley.
  • "Procurement Fraud," 3rd Annual Qui Tam Conference, Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2016). Presenter: Gail D. Zirkelbach.
  • "New FAR Rule Implementing Executive Order on Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces," Dell Federal Services, Washington, D.C. (October 28, 2016). Speaker: Robert A. Burton.