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Client Alerts Let’s Talk FCA: Civil Investigative Demands (February 2019) Feb.15.2019
Client Alerts The U.S. Takes Steps to Ensure Its Dominance in the AI Arms Race Feb.15.2019
Client Alerts ASBCA Rules that Navy’s Desires Are Not an Option Feb.13.2019
Presentations "Intellectual Property in U.S. Government Contracting," Government Contracts Breakfast Series, Tysons, VA Feb.13.2019
Client Alerts Health Plans Seek Supreme Court Review in ACA "Risk Corridors" Cases Feb.12.2019
Client Alerts CBCA Holds that Contractor is Out on a Limb Seeking Claim Preparation Costs, but Grants T4C Partial Victory Feb.11.2019
Client Alerts Fastest 5 Minutes: Cybersecurity, Mentor Protégé, FCA News (February 8) Feb.08.2019
Client Alerts Material Misrepresentation Dooms Contract From the Get-Go Feb.07.2019
Client Alerts The Top FCA Developments Of 2018 Feb.04.2019
Client Alerts Section 809 Panel Weighs in on Ways to Modernize the Board of Contract Appeals Feb.01.2019
Client Alerts DOJ Answers Key Questions About False Claims Act Reform Efforts Jan.30.2019
Client Alerts Section 809 Panel Recommends Five Changes to Bid Protests in DoD Procurements Jan.30.2019
Client Alerts All Things Protest: All in the Family – Reliance on Affiliate Experience (January 2019) Jan.29.2019
Client Alerts Upping the Cyber Oversight Ante: DoD Deploys DCMA to Audit Contractor Supply Chain Compliance Jan.28.2019
Presentations "Overview of Government Contracts Laws, Regulations and Policies," George Mason University, Fairfax, VA Jan.24.2019
Publications FEATURE COMMENT: The Top FCA Developments Of 2018 Jan.23.2019
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Perspectives from Relator’s Counsel (January 2019) Jan.22.2019
Client Alerts Better to Ask Permission than Forgiveness: ASBCA Denies Subcontract Payments Jan.18.2019
Client Alerts Fastest 5 Minutes: Shutdown, Small Business, BAA News (January 18) Jan.18.2019
Client Alerts Section 809 Panel Releases Volume 3 Report and Recommendations Jan.16.2019