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Procurement Integrity Act: A High Risk Area for Government Contractors

September 11, 2013 • Webinar

The purpose of the Procurement Integrity Act is to maintain and establish a fair playing field for government contractors.  Failing to comply with this Act can result in criminal prosecution, fines, penalties, loss of business, and exclusion from government contracting.  The Act and the corresponding regulations restrict conduct of contractor employees and federal government employees in two ways.  The first relates to prohibitions on disclosing and receiving particular types of “off-limits” information.  The second relates to restrictions on the types of interactions private sector entities may have with government officials about possible employment.

The Procurement Integrity Act is a criminal statute and violations of the Act often provide a viable basis to file a bid protest at the Government Accountability Office or the Court of Federal Claims.  Increasingly, Suspension and Debarment Officials are taking action against companies and individuals because their conduct is – or seems to be – covered by the Procurement Integrity Act.  This 90-minute webinar will explore the Act, the regulations, key bid protest decisions, and recent suspension and debarment matters.  We will explore the most common pitfalls and discuss recognized best practices.

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