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ACI - Advanced Forum on Government Contract Cost & Pricing

April 27 - 28, 2010 • Arlington, VA

With increased government oversight, rigorous DCAA audits, mandatory disclosure rules, troubling cases on disallowed costs and the resurgence of TINA enforcement concerns, the stakes have never been higher for U.S. Government contractors. Coupled with the Obama administration’s tightened defense and other spending, organizations cannot afford critical cost and pricing missteps.

With the heightened risks of staggering liability under the False Claims Act, and the growing threats of suspension, debarment and more, you cannot afford to miss American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on “Government Contract Cost & Pricing”. Unlike other training events, this advanced forum – developed through research with U.S. Government contractors – will feature an impressive faculty of government officials, leading contractors and private practice experts, who will address the most critical cost and pricing issues that can make or break your business. You will gain the latest updates and practical insights on how to stay out of trouble – and refine your cost and pricing strategy.

Terry Albertson is co-chair of this event. He is also one of the speakers. His topic is "Determining the Allowability of Legal Fees, IR & D, Termination and M & A Costs."

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