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Category Title Date
Client Alerts Contractor Recovers Increased Costs from a Collective Bargaining Agreement Executed After an Option Period is Exercised Mar.04.2020
Client Alerts Protecting Work Product: When the Threat of Litigation Is Too Remote for Privilege Feb.06.2020
Client Alerts ASBCA's FY19 Report – a Look at the Numbers Feb.04.2020
Client Alerts U.S. Supreme Court Hears Argument in Maine and Companion Cases Dec.10.2019
Client Alerts Government Charged With Knowledge of Unapproved Subcontractors Listed on Invoices Oct.02.2019
Client Alerts Snooze You Lose: ASBCA Denies Appeal Seeking Payment for Employee Paid "To Do Nothing" During Stop Work Oct.01.2019
Client Alerts ASBCA Rejects the Government’s Use of "Prior Material Breach" Affirmative Defense Sep.24.2019
Client Alerts ASBCA Holds that Transmission Emails are "Part of the Same Transaction" as Mods for Plain Meaning Purposes May.24.2019
Client Alerts Don’t Sleep on Discovery, It Could Yield Basis for New Claim Mar.04.2019
Client Alerts Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Claims Feb.28.2019
Client Alerts COFC Grants Summary Judgment on Statutory and Implied-in-Fact Contract Claims in ACA Litigation Feb.20.2019
Client Alerts ASBCA Rules that Navy’s Desires Are Not an Option Feb.13.2019
Client Alerts Material Misrepresentation Dooms Contract From the Get-Go Feb.07.2019
Presentations "Claims and Requests for Equitable Adjustment," Client Training, Chantilly, VA Jan.28.2019
Client Alerts Better to Ask Permission than Forgiveness: ASBCA Denies Subcontract Payments Jan.18.2019
Client Alerts ASBCA's FY18 Report – a Look at the Numbers Oct.18.2018
Client Alerts COFC Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of Health Plan in ACA Litigation Oct.15.2018
Client Alerts Fastest 5 Minutes, The Podcast Gov’t Contractors Can’t Do Without (September 28) Sep.28.2018
Client Alerts ASBCA Offers Mixed Bag on "Expressly Unallowable" and "Directly Associated" Costs Sep.20.2018
Client Alerts Cost Disallowance Claim Accrued When the Government Paid Invoices Sep.11.2018