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Client Alerts DOJ Moves to Dismiss Ten Kickback-Related False Claims Act Complaints Against Pharmaceutical Companies Dec.21.2018
Client Alerts Let’s Talk FCA: False Claims Act Whistleblowers (December 2018) Dec.13.2018
Presentations "The False Claims Act: Legal Developments and Enforcement Trends: A Look Back, a Look Ahead," Crowell & Moring Webinar Dec.06.2018
Client Alerts The Solicitor General Provides an Unexpected and Quicker Path to Victory for Gilead Dec.03.2018
Client Alerts SOL for Whom? Supreme Court Agrees To Review Deepening Disagreement on FCA’s Statute of Limitations Tolling Provision Nov.26.2018
Client Alerts Let’s Talk FCA: The Brand Memo and FCA Enforcement (November 2018) Nov.21.2018
Client Alerts Fixed-Price or Firm-Fixed-Price? Contractor’s Right to Seek Reimbursement of Legal Costs in Defending Qui Tam Suits Nov.20.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Forensic Investigations (November 2018) Nov.08.2018
Presentations "The False Claims Act: Qui Tam Whistleblower Litigation and Investigations," Crowell & Moring Webinar Oct.17.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Looking Ahead to the Supreme Court Term (October 2018) Oct.11.2018
Client Alerts Rise in Cases Emerging at Intersection of Unfair Competition, Trademark, and FCA Causes of Action Oct.10.2018
Client Alerts Increased False Claims Act Risk for Sureties Oct.04.2018
Client Alerts Fastest 5 Minutes, The Podcast Gov’t Contractors Can’t Do Without (September 14) Sep.14.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Parallel Criminal and Civil False Claims Act Proceedings (September 2018) Sep.13.2018
Client Alerts Ninth Circuit’s Rose Decision Could be a Thorn in the Side of Relators (At Least for Now) Aug.29.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: False Claims Act Investigations (August 2018) Aug.09.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: Recently Announced Reforms to False Claims Act Enforcement (July 2018) Jul.31.2018
Client Alerts Let's Talk FCA: False Claims Act Trials (July 2018) Jul.12.2018
Client Alerts Amid Repeated Calls from Leadership, DOJ Exercises Its “Virtually Unfettered Discretion” to Dismiss “Weak” Qui Tam Action Jul.03.2018
Client Alerts Department of Justice Leadership Previews Reforms to False Claims Act Enforcement: Significant Incentives for Cooperation and Strong Compliance Jun.22.2018