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Speeches & Presentations

  • "Bye, Bye Botnets," IAPP Privacy Academy (October 1, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in 2013: Contracting in a Time of Increased Scrutiny," L2 Federal Resources Webinar (September 19, 2013). Presenters: Gordon Griffin, Elliot Golding, Amelia Schmidt, and Kate Molony.
  • "U.S. Cybercrime & Cybersecurity: Today's Stark Realities," Sandpiper Breakfast Briefing (September 17, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • “Issues in Cybersecurity,” Lecture at University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute Political Leaders Program (July 13, 2013). Presenters: Kate Molony and Dr. Steven Bucci of the Heritage Foundation.
  • "Data Breaches: Inevitable, but Salvageable," Blue Cross and Blue Shield Western Operations Conference (July 8, 2013). Presenter: Jeffrey L. Poston.
  • "Navigating Cyber Landmines in the Corporate Boardroom: Why & Where Government Contractors Must Tread Carefully," OOPS 2013, Crowell & Moring's 29th Annual Ounce of Prevention Seminar, Washington, D.C. (May 15-16, 2013). Moderator: James J. Regan; Presenters: David Z. Bodenheimer, Bryan Brewer, and Gordon Griffin.
  • "Cyber-Security and Privacy: Breach Response and Litigation in the Financial Services Industry," Independent Bankers Association of New York State (May 1, 2013). Presenter: Jeffrey L. Poston.
  • "Cybersecurity for the Next Generation of Government Contractors," Presentation to L2's NextGen Government Contractors Association (April 30, 2013). Presenters: David Z. Bodenheimer, Gordon Griffin, and Kate Molony.
  • "Managing the Cyber Threat Crisis: An Interactive Workshop on Cyber Threats and Cyber Security," Crowell & Moring, Washington, D.C. (April 4, 2013). Panelists: David Z. Bodenheimer, Bryan Brewer, Stephen M. Byers, Robin B. Campbell, Morris F. DeFeo Jr., Cheryl A. Falvey, Jeffrey L. Poston, Jeffrey L. Snyder, Michael J. Songer, and Scott L. Winkelman.
  • "The Privacy Mega Reg: Understanding and Implementing Substantial Changes," America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Webinar (March 21, 2013). Presenters: Jeffrey L. Poston, Robin B. Campbell, and Barbara H. Ryland.
  • "Technology and Privacy Design," Berkeley Center for Law & Technology: Privacy Law Forum (March 21, 2013). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "The Cybersecurity Battlefield in Federal Procurements: What You Need to Know about the Exploding Risks and Escalating Rules," Presentation to National Contract Management Association, Free State Chapter (January 17, 2013). Co-Presenters: David Z. Bodenheimer, Amelia Schmidt, Olivia Lynch, and Gordon Griffin.
  • “Issues Associated with Employee-Owned Mobile Devices,” Government Mobile and Cybersecurity Conference, Washington, D.C. (October 23, 2012). Speaker: Robert A. Burton.
  • "The Dish on Data and Disks: HIPAA Privacy and Security Breach Developments," Crowell & Moring's 2012 Healthcare Ounce of Prevention Seminar (HOOPS), Minnesota (September 13, 2012). Presenter: Jeffrey L. Poston.
  • "Separating Personal and Professional Digital Lives," AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute (January 25, 2012). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Developments in DRM and the Mobile Environment," All Hands Meeting (December 7, 2011). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Why are License Agreements so Convoluted?" CNET Reporters' Roundtable Podcast (June 10, 2011). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Risk of Cloud Computing: How it changes the legal landscape," British American Business Council: Transatlantic Business Conference (May 11, 2011). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Working in the Cloud Format: Risks and Rewards," IP Counsel Cafe (April 7, 2011). Speaker: Gabriel M. Ramsey.
  • "Cyber on the Hill: Congressional Cybersecurity Oversight, Legislation & Initiatives for 2010," ABA Science & Technology's Homeland Security Committee and Public Contract Law's Cybersecurity Committee (May 10, 2010). Moderator & Speaker: David Z. Bodenheimer.